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How to Upgrade to Thesis 1.8.3

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Thesis 1.8.3 was just released a few days ago and in this session we demonstrate how to upgrade your Thesis Theme. We also discuss the importance of backing up your site before doing any upgrade to avoid losing any of your content and design in case there are any problems with the upgrade.

Video Transcript

Today we have a bunch of troubleshooting questions that we’re going to address. But before we do that I’m going to demonstrate the correct way, the safe way to upgrade from an earlier version of Thesis to Thesis 1.8.3. And we’re just going to start off right of the bat by looking at the site that we’re working on, and that is we’re going to do it in this site the This is currently using Thesis 1.8.2 and WordPress 3.3. What we’re going to do is we’re going to upgrade it to Thesis 1.8.3.

And so the very first thing that you have to do when you do this is backup your site. And because upgrading Thesis isn’t particularly file sensitive, we’re not going to backup our entire site. What we’re going to do is we’re going to backup our database and we’re going to backup our Thesis Options.

So we’re going to start off by backing up our database. And you can use whatever tools you like to use to backup your database. As far as I am concerned the fast and easiest way to backup and restore the database in a context like this just to use phpMyAdmin. So that’s what I’m going to do here, login to my control panel. So we’ll scroll down here to phpMyAdmin. And we don’t know, let’s see, I want nextgen. I don’t have any idea which one of these is nextgen, so I’m going have to go and find out which database it is. And I’m going to find that out by going to my file manager. And opening up the wp-config file, nextgen…wp-config.php…code editor and it is byobtuto_wrd24. Ok, so I can close that. Come over it down here to wrd24. I’m going to check all the data tables, pardon me, I’m gonna go export. I’m just do a quick export SQL format and say GO. You can see its downloading byobtuto_wrd24.sql to my computer. So that’s essentially the database is now backup.

So then the next thing that we’re going to do is backup the…backup the design options or actually the Thesis Options. So we go over to thesis and manage options. And what we’re going to do is restore, let’s see… Site Options and Default Options, we’re going to download All Options. Again you can see it’s downloading down here. So now that I’ve downloaded all options. If something goes wrong I can just restore those options once we made the upgrade.

Ok, so the backup is completed. Now we want to update my local files and if you pay attention to my system at all for this, you know that I maintain local copy of my remote files. And those local copies are nextgen.byobtutorial and keep all the WordPress files under wordpress. So wp-content…themes…and thesis_182, I want to make sure that my site version of thesis_182 is… or I want to make sure that my local version of thesis_182 is identical to my site’s version. And so what I’m going to do is open up that setup in filezilla, let’s see…nextgen. Ok and then go to wp-content…themes…see my thesis_182, I’m just going to download it back over the top over the existing one, always overwrite. This way I know for sure that my current local copy is identical to the site which is what I want for that.

One other thing is that Thesis stores the thumbnail images for teasers in that custom folder. So we want to make sure we have all that before we make the change. And then the next thing I’m going to do is extract thesis_183 to this same location here. So you know a number ways that you can do this, I’m simply going to do it using winzip but you can do this anyway you want. Ok, thesis_183 is done here some place… there it is. So I’m just going to say extract to…and I’m going to pick a location a location I wanted to extracted to which of course that same place…byobwebsite…tutorial sites…nextgen…wordpress…wp-content…themes… so I want to extract it there. Ok, so now I have thesis_183 installed.

So the next thing I want to do is copy my local copy of custom folder and put it in thesis_183. Ok, so now thesis_183 has the custom folder from thesis_182. The next thing then is to refresh my view of this. So now I have the thesis_183 there and we’re going to upload thesis_183 back to our website. And when this is finished what we’ll do is we will activate thesis and test it. If everything worked out fine then we can just move on. So now we’re here, we going back down to appearance and themes. You can see Thesis 1.8.3 is available to us, so we’ll go ahead and activate Thesis 1.8.3. And let’s go see what happen, go visit the site and see what it looks like.

Ok, so far it does look great. Although, I don’t believe I had those things in it. Now that I say that, so let’s take a look at, I think what happened is the name of the sidebar probably changed. So let’s go back and look at Thesis, actually let’s go back and look at Appearance and Widgets…and sidebar 1. Yeah, see what happened is that the original Thesis 1.8.2 sidebar went away and so the sidebar1 went out of its place. So what we’re going to do is to delete all of these things. These are all put in there all by WordPress 3.3 when sidebar 1 is empty. And we’re going to come back over here and place that there, which is the gallery that I had. And then I think we’re just going to take a look one more time at Thesis Designs Options, because I believe I had… oh let’s just go ahead and Save the Thesis designs options. Cause I believe I had was that multimedia box is not to display or maybe not. All I know I did, so that’s actually something that didn’t behave the way we have expected it to behave. So just go back to Thesis and Design Options and I’m going to go ahead and remove the…I mean “Do not show multimedia box”. And other wise, yep, other wise my column and that kind of stuff say the same. So sometimes it doesn’t always.

There we go, so as I recall this is how it look like when we started. So ok and that’s it. We have just, with a fairly minimum amount of customization or editing, we were able to restore the…we were able to upgrade the Thesis 1.8.3 and retain the majority of our settings. So even though we have to make one change.

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