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How to Upgrade WordPress to WordPress 3.4

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In this session we show how to upgrade WordPress to WordPress 3.4 and discuss the important things that need to be accomplished prior to the actual upgrade. We show how to back the site up with BackupBuddy and bring all the plugins up to date.

Video Transcript

The next thing we’re going to do is upgrade Thesis and upgrade WordPress. And so Thesis 1.8.5 has come out and WordPress 3.4 has come out so we’re going to go ahead and upgrade this site to reflect that.

The first thing we’re going to do is upgrade WordPress. So I’m going to come over to my dashboard and before we do anything, I want to bring all my plugins up to date. So I’m going to update Akismet. Actually, I think before I do anything, what I’m going to do is back the site up. So I’m going to back the site up with Backup Buddy and I’m just going to go ahead and do a full backup. Okay, we’ve got a… we’ve successfully backed up the site.

Okay so anyway, we’re going to go through here quickly and just update all of these plugins. With all of our plugins up to date, what I’m going to do ever so briefly is deactivate them all. You can select them all by selecting this button here and then selecting deactivate and all of the pluins will be deactivated.

And then what I’m going to do is update using the automatic update feature and select update now. And now, it looks like we’ve successfully updated and we’re back to… in one moment, we’ll be back to our main dashboard. Okay, there we are, back to our main dashboard.

So I’m going to come back over to installed plugins and I’m going to reactivate all the plugins so we select them all like that and just say activate. Okay so we have all our plugins updated and if we come back over to the site and refresh it, it should be looking the way we want it to look. Isn’t that interesting? It almost seems as if I have a plugin that’s not been active… a couple of plugins that have not been activated yet. Yeah, it does look like that. Let’s refresh this plugins folder for a second.

Well, it seems to suggest they’re all there but we have a couple of things that don’t have style. We are missing styles of our background and we are missing styles for the nav menu. And if I just take a look at the defined styles here for a second and we look at our header area .page we are clearly missing those elements. So let’s just go back to our full width backgrounds for a moment. I didn’t really expect that to happen. I expected this to just follow along smoothly.

Okay so here’s my image. Let’s just make sure that image is still properly referenced. Yeah, it is. Okay so let’s hit save then. We just need to rewrite my byob custom CSS file. It looks like the nav menu plugin also needs a little bit of attention. Yeah, okay my nav menu plugin also needs a little bit of attention. It looks like the rest of it is working okay.

So if we come back over to the Simple Nav Menu and hit save, what we’re doing by hitting save is rewriting the byob custom css file which is where the code comes from that does the styling. Perfect, okay. Now we’ve got that working the way we want it to. Let’s just go to a different page for a second, make sure that the rest of the stuff is working the way we expect it to. That’s NextGen, okay. Yeah, the internet connection seems to be slow but otherwise, everything is working just fine there.

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