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How to Upgrade WP eStore

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In this session, we demonstrate how to upgrade your WP eStore Plugin. It is a bit different from the other automatic update plugins in WordPress.

Video Transcript

Rick: So I’m going to start off this morning with a friend and a client, Susan Hyde. Good morning, Susan. I’ve just unmuted your microphone.

Susan: Hello

Rick: How are you doing?

Susan: I’m good, thanks.

Rick: Did you have a nice Christmas?

Susan: Yes, it was short. Everybody left early in the morning so…

Rick: Well, I still have the pleasure of some children lingering here. You know, this is a… everybody’s either graduated from college or off at college. But I still have one kid lingering here at home and so it’s a very nice change.

Susan: Yeah, it gets to be a different kind of season as your kids get older.

Rick: It’s certainly the truth. Okay so let’s see, we’re going to come on over to your site, www.theconfidentmom… which folks who watch my videos have seen a few times. And let’s see, let’s log in. Okay so we’re currently using… we’re using 5.4.9 and let’s see what the latest version of Tips and Tricks is. Okay so the latest version is 6.0.8 and so if you want to get the latest version, what you have to do is request an automatic upgrade and then you have to put your information in. It’s a little different than a typical… and then I have to look up my transaction id. Okay transaction id is that one. Okay and so now, I should have updated links in my… okay, there we go. So in my email box, there’s the product update. And so what I’m going to do is download this latest version and now I have the latest version here. So I’m going to show it in the folder.

One thing to keep in mind with this is that what this does is it contains…this zip folder actually contains another zip folder that has the plugin in it. So it doesn’t actually… what we really need to do is unzip that and I’m just going to delete the one I have already unzipped here real quickly. And so what we need to do here… where did it go? WP Cart for Digital Products, extract all, extract… okay so we come back up here to…okay so here’s the actual plugin that we’re using. So it’s inside of a folder. One thing you can… one way to mess this up is to assume that the first copy of WP Cart for Digital Products is the one you want to move in and it actually isn’t, it’s the 2nd one. It’s the one that’s contained inside.

And actually, while I’m here, I’m just going to go ahead and… oh boy. I also don’t have your login information here anymore for ftp. Let me just look in my… Gelie does a lot of work on your site, right? And so we have a page here that has this stuff that I’m going to go find. Because we need to use ftp to upload the new version so show products and then The Confident Mom and then Pages. Okay, I’m going to take this out of the camera here.

Okay let’s go ahead and we’re just going to create a new site connection in ftp. So is going to be the new name, the host is The login type is normal. The user, we’re going to take that off camera for a second, just for security purposes. Okay, connect and then we’ll scroll down here to public html where she is and the wp content and then plugins and then WP Cart for Digital Products.

Now what we’re going to do is inside of here first, inside the site, we’re going to deactivate here. So we’re going to deactivate it and we’re not going to delete it here. We’re going to delete it inside of Filezilla so just come over to that and delete it here which is going to keep all of the… it’s going to keep all of our database settings in place and what we’re doing is just replacing the files. And then once we replace the files, we’ll reactivate it and we’ll reactivate the latest version.

The reason we’re doing this is because there have been some changes to WP eStore as in regards variations and products and that kind of stuff. So I think we’re better off using the most recent version of the plugin for this.

So then the last thing to do is to upload this version and I’m just going to drag it and drop it here. I’m going to drag it and drop it to plugins. So now what that’s doing is that’s uploading the latest version that we just downloaded. And as soon as that’s there, we’ll reactivate it and then we’ll have the latest version which at this point is 6.0.9 or something like that. And then we’ll go about creating the products. While we’re doing that, why don’t you tell me about the products here, Susan?

Susan: That we’re adding today?

Rick: Yeah.

Susan: It’s a yearly task calendar for your household. So there’s two versions. There’s one that’s plain and then there’s also one that has yearly Bible reading that’s accompanying it.

Rick: Okay.

Susan: So they’re both just downloadable files.

Rick: And you just one or the other? It’s the same price, it’s just a different file.

Susan: Correct.

Rick: Okay. So we’re activating the most recent store. There we go. Okay, 6.3. That’s what we have now.

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