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How to use Camtasia

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This is a very simple and easy to use software.  Go to to to view their videos on how to use it.  They also offer a monthly free trial so you can experiment with it before you decide if you want to purchase the software.  Under the Live Answers topics list go to the Video title and I have a video on How to Add Self Hosted Videos on your own Site.

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Video Transcript

Okay let’s see.  Jules asks can I offer a brief review of how to get started using Camtasia to post videos to my site?

Sure, I’d be happy to do that.  At the moment, I’m actually using Camtasia to record this video or to record this webinar so I can’t just open up Camtasia and show you how to do it.  But I can show you you know, essentially how simple it is to do this.

Well, in the first place, you know, I did a video last week showing how to put self-hosted videos on your own site.  And unfortunately the word “video” shows up so much in the site that if you search for that forum post… if you search for that answer, you’re never gonna find it.  I tried it myself and this why I know it’s the case, so I’m actually gonna try and come up with another solution to this.  But if you come over to live answers and you go down the topics list, you know, you look under video, I’ve got this sure answer from last week about how to add self hosted videos to your site.

And so you can use a Camtasia video in exactly the same way as I did this so that’s sort of the first thing.

The second thing is how to use Camtasia to do the recording and I guess you know, it’s a very simple piece of software to use and so, I wish could demonstrate it to you but I can’t because I’m using it already.  But it is a very simple piece of software to use and if you go let’s see… that is … not only do they have a free trial that you can use Camtasia for a month, but they also have all these little videos on how to use Camtasia.

Definitely look at these because there’s plenty of information on how to use Camtasia here and it actually is a quite a simple tool and it’s quite powerful.

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