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How to Use Pretty Permalinks in a Local Installation

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This issue is related to Apache and regular professional hosting companies already have this configured for you so you generally don’t deal with this.  Local installations, however, do need to be configured to allow pretty permalinks to be used.  I will follow up on this in a subsequent session.

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Video Transcript

Were you talking about the permalinks?

Ah, yes.  With Thesis see if you can use any different permalink than the basic one, that’s the question Rick.

That’s an excellent question to ask and to raise and I have figured out how to do that.  And this is probably something that you can do on Bitnami as well but this is an issue specifically related to Apache. A professional host will already have this configured and so it’s not something that you generally have to deal with when you have a commercial host.  But it is something you need to set up on your local site and I believe it is in my HT access file.  You know what, I have to do a little research on that question because right now, I’ve forgotten how to do it but the way I have it set up now, all of my local installations of WordPress can use pretty permalinks essentially.  But I had to do a configuration on my site or on my installation of Apache and then in my…well, here’s my HG access file.  Let’s just look and see if that’s…now there’s something besides this HT access thing that has to be addressed.  So let me go back and refresh my memory and I’ll come back and answer that question maybe this afternoon or you know, maybe on the forum.

Oh fine, yes.  In the query that I put on to the Thesis forum, I was hoping that she would answer and she clearly did answer me.  And I tried what she suggested although it wasn’t very specific and it did not work for me. I replied that it hadn’t worked and asked if there’s any more suggestions so you know, you will probably see that interchange on the Thesis site. I’m still back at the same point.  But you know, don’t think of this as a burden or something urgent to address.  Interesting, on the Thesis site, I noticed that the search box seems very erratic so I can put in a particular word and it will find nothing.  I put in a different word and it finds it and so on.

I just searched for you.  I was hoping I could readily identify which thread you were talking about.

Well the most recent one?


It’s not there is it?

I don’t see.


What was the question?  What was the subject line?

If you do a search for Bitnami and see if it finds it…

There it is.

Oh, good.

Okay, yeah.  Okay, so this is the… yeah, this is that HG access file question.  I’m gonna think that’s… you can see I opened up my HT access file too, right, to be able to see where that problem lies.  So, I mean, that’s the direction she’s thinking about it in… I’ll go back and figure out what it was that I had to do because I’ve told a couple of other people how to do this.  I just don’t remember at the moment what it was I had to do in order to make the pretty permalinks work on a local installation. And so, I’ll go back and look it up and then, if you’re back this afternoon then I’ll answer that question this afternoon. Otherwise, I’ll get it out you know, via the forum or something like that. Because I think the subject of how to have a local installation of your website for you to work on is something that a number of my clients are very interested in or a number of our members are very interested in.  This is something that is very important at this very moment.  So we’ll make sure that we get to it.

Okay, thanks so much.  Thanks very much, Rick.

You’re welcome.

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