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How to Use the Forum – Part 2 – Figuring Out Where to Post your Question

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This is the second part of How to Use the Forum tutorial series. In this session, we discuss where to place a post or a question. Our forum is organized in several groups: Lessons Questions & Comments, BYOB Thesis Plugins, WordPress, Thesis, Search Engines and Marketing, Members and Site Support.

Video Transcript

And the first step in working on the forum is deciding where you’re going to place a post. And so where you’re going to place the post here is… well, the forum is organized in several groups. The first group is forums about the courses that are on the site. So you know, we’ve got the Start Building Your Website Here course and we’ve got the eCommerce course. We’ve got Customize Thesis Like a Pro course and we’ve got lots of mini courses that all kind of wrapped up under using WordPress and Thesis as a CMS. And then we’ve got the Live Question and Answer code section which is where all the live question and answer code goes. And then How to Create a Membership Website. So these are sort of the big groups of instruction and exist on my site.

And then we’ve got the forum group about the BYOB Website plugins and each plugin has a little forum here. And so if you’ve got a question or a comment about a plugin, you’d come down to the Thesis plugins and you would pick the forum that addresses that plugin in particular.

Then I have a section that’s just in general about WordPress. And so really, what you’ve got is either general WordPress questions… these questions are not specifically related to any of the course material. It’s just that you have a question about WordPress. You would use WordPress 3.1 or later. If you had a question about a plugin that’s not a BYOB Thesis plugin but is any other plugin, you would place it here under plugins. And then I use this for posting down and dirty videos you know, sof if somebody asks me a question on the forum and I give them a little video answer, I put it there but I also put it here. You know, and this is really the only place these videos exist is right here in this forum. And you know, whether it’s using images maps or you know, I’ve just got lots of little bitty how to videos that I’ve posted in here that aren’t posted anywhere else.

And so then the next forum, that was the WordPress forum. Now, I have a Thesis forum and the Thesis forum first has sort of general usage questions like, “How do you do this in Thesis?” That’s sort of a general question. And then Thesis CSS questions so if you’ve got questions specifucally about customizing Thesis using CSS, you could post that question here. And sometimes, I will do some… a little troubleshooting video on a question about Thesis CSS. And if I do a troubleshooting video then I’ll add it here. Same thing is true with php. If you’ve got just a general question or if you have a specific quesiton about a php function that you want ot use in Thesis, you can post that question here under Thesis php. And again, same thing is true…sometimes, I’ll create a little troubleshooting video out of the forum question and then I’ll place it here.

So the next category is Search Engines and Marketing and in this category you know, really, anything about promoting your website really belongs here. And so it doesn’t really matter what the topic is. If you feel like we need another topic, we can certainly ad dit. But anything about promoting your website should be posted some place in here.

And then I have this members’ section where you can show us the site that you’ve built which is again, another place for you to say something about your site. For example, you could do a whole write up about your site and post it under Show Us Your Sites. It could have any SEO links you want to your site and Get In Here is another one that John has done where he’s you know, described his site. Actually, he hasn’t described his site really. It just says it’s here. But you could give a thorough and complete description of your site. You could have SEO keywords that are linked off to your special places on your site. You can use this to get as much promotion bang for your buck as you can or as you want here. People like to go to that forum because they want to see what other people are doing and then we also use this forum to feature people’s sites elsewhere because we do feature member sites, both on our Facebook page and we also have featured sites… let’s see, where is that? Yeah, BYOB Member sites. We’ve got this page here where we have featured sites of our members. So you know, if you want to see your site show up here then this is a good place to do it. You’ll end up with a link to your site as well as image of your site, that kind of thing. So we’re actually quite proud of what our members have done.

And so anyway, we use this Show Us Your Site as a launching point for finding those sites and placing them around. So you’ll get a little bit of benefit out of that too. That is, you get some additional external links to your site from our Facebook page and from the forum.

And then we have member tips. If you’ve got something you worked on that you thought was great or if you worked with a consultant you thought was terrific, if you have have anything you wanted to share with other members, please post it here under Members Tips. Same thing is true with Member Services. If you offer services that you think our members might be interested in, this is a perfect place for you to describe your services and provide an offer of those services to other members. That’s what this is for. You can describe your services. You can do anything you want about your services under member services. And then testimonials, of course, I’m always in the hunt for testimonials. And so if you got a benefit out of my site, I strongly encourage you to use this testimonial section to post a testimonial to me. That would be terrific. And then we have a Support section. The Support section is for you to find help or to post support questions that you might have.

So now what I don’t want you to do is be overly worried about where to post. I mean, I’d like you to, in general, try to get a post in the right place but it’s very easy for me to move the post if I think it should be moved. And so I would rather you post your question or your topic in the wrong spot than be afraid to post a topic because you don’t know where it should belong. So please post it wherever it seems appropriate and if you can’t figure that out, just put it anyway and I’ll put it where I think it is appropriate. So the most important thing is that you actually post your question, post your topic here on the forum.

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