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How to Use the Forum – Part 4 – Add a Follow Up Question or Comment to an Existing Topic

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This is the forth part of How to Use the Forum tutorial series. In this session, we discuss how to add a follow-up question or comment to an existing topic. If you find a topic that you are interested in and feel that you need to ask a follow-up question, add comment or suggestion, you can do that by selecting the “post reply” button on the forum.

Video Transcript

And so once you’ve posted a topic, let’s say you’ve found a topic that you think that you would like to post to. Let’s say you find a topic that was interesting, it worked pretty well for you but you feel like you need to ask another question or offer a comment or something like that.

Let’s see, so for example, you had a question about this was this unordered list question and you saw the question here and you saw my answer or you saw somebody else’s answer and you want to add a little bit of helpful information. All you have to do is… I forgot to say… all you have to do was say post reply and you can add a question to this more completely or you can add more information.

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