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How to Use the Forum – Part 5 – Add an Image to Your Forum Post

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This is the fifth part of How to Use the Forum tutorial series. In this session, we discuss how to add an image to your post in the forum. Let’s say you want to include an image or screenshot of your question. We recommend the Snagit Screen Capture tool for your screenshot image which you save to your computer and then upload to your forum post.

Video Transcript

Now let’s say that you wanted to include an image because you can see, he included an image here in this. So let’s say you wanted to add a little bit of image to this. The first thing to do generally is to do a screen capture. Now I use a tool called Snagit for screen captures but there’s tons of screen capture tools out there. But with Snagit, if I hit print screen, this thing comes up here and I can you know, pick any part of my screen that I want to capture as an image and then I just get this little Snagit editor screen that pops up and I can do a little bit of editing or whatever, that kidn of stuff. And then I just hit save and it saves it for me. I go ahead and hit save so now I have my little example screen capture.

And then what I would do is click this little green button where it says insert an image and then this little camera button or this little folder button actually… it looks like a camera but it’s really folder is the way for you to browse. So now you just browse. You’re going to upload it so you’re going to browse here and we are going to go to, in this case, Documents and Snagit and it’s this first image. And hit open and then select upload. As soon as its done, it’ll tell you it’s done and then you can come over to the browse tab and this will show you all of the images that you have stored for yourself to post. And you can just click that and you can put a description if you want. You can specify an image. You can put borders and padding and that kind of stuff around if you want. I don’t do any of that really. All I just do is hit insert and then hit post new reply. And then what happens is of course, the new image is now inserted. And it comes in a small level so that when somebody clicks on it, it can expand but then it just stays smaller. It doesn’t fill up all the space. So it places that little bit of image in there.

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