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How to Use the Forum – Part 6 – Watch or Subscribe to a Forum Post

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This is the sixth part of How to Use the Forum tutorial series. In this session, we discuss how to watch or subscribe to a thread post in the forum. Let’s say you want to be notified if someone replies to the forum post that you are interested in. You can do this by watching or subscribing to the forum post.

Video Transcript

Now let’s say that you are looking at something and it looks like there is a question that’s going to be answered that you’re interested in. Something that you can do is you ca choose either say to watch it or subscribe to it. Watching it just means that… watching is essentially the same thing as subscribing except that you won’t get an email saying that something as happened to it.

So for example, if I’m looking at this right now and I say, “You know, I’m really interested in this thread here.” What you can do then is you can watch it and the way to watch it is youc an just go ahead and say watch and it will add it to your watched it. An alternative to that is you can go to a different one and you could use the button beside it to subscribe and it will add it to your Subscribe list. And by subscribe, what will happen is… just a second here. So styling the sidebar for a second… if you add it to your subscribe list then what happens here is you will get an email the next time somebody changes it or the next time somebody has posted.

And if you want… if you’re an RSS user, you can alwas add the topic to your RSS feed. And so, right here for example, this is what the feed would look like in Firefox. And so you could go ahead and say let’s see, live bookmarks. Let’s say I’m going to do it in Google instead. So I hit subscribe now and then of course, it’s going to want me to add it to my Google Reader and you have to log in and all the rest of that stuff. But yeah, see there it is. Now I can log in and have it at it. And so that’s how each of those things work.

Now they also work a different way and that is this is a list of recently updated topics. And so this list will show you topics that are recently updated and in red, it will show you a topic that has been recently updated that you haven’t read yet. This will tell you how many posts there are in your watched topic list that you haven’t read. This will tell you how many posts there are in your subscribed topic list that you haven’t read. And if you actually click on the button, you can see all of your watched topics. So right now, I’m only watching that topic there. You can choose to end watching it if you wish. Same thing is true with subscribed. If I click on this, you can see all of those ones that I’ve subscribed to and you can unsubscribe here.

And then if you go over to your dashboard, you’ll see this section called forum posts. You just scroll down here a bit and this shows recent forum posts, all the most recent forum posts or the 10 most recent forum posts. This shows all of your forum posts that is your personal forum posts, those forums you posted to. This shows how many unread subscribed topics you have and this essentially shows you those topics that are recent and brand new. So for example, you’ve got this one SEO Power Suite for $99. That is a new topic that I haven’t yet seen. And so that’s what’s going on here. You’ve got your subscribed post. This will tell you how many posts you’ve subscribed… well, how many unread subscribed topics you have. This will tell you each of the forum posts that you’ve made and this will tell you all the most recent forum posts are.

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