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How to Use the Forum – Part 7 – How to Find the Posts You’ve Posted To

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This is the seventh part of How to Use the Forum tutorial series. In this session, we discuss how to find the posts that you’ve posted to the forum. You can easily find the 10 most recent posts that you posted at the sidebar of your account. However, if you want to see older than the 10 most recent, you can select the View Topics Member Has Posted To or View Topics Members Started at your Profile Page.

Video Transcript

Now the thing is that this shows you the 10 most recent of your posts. However, if you need to go back more than 10 then what you can do is go to your profile and you can look at view the topics this member has posted to or view the topics this member has started. And so if you click on that, that will show you all of the topics that you have started and this one will show you all of topics that you have posted to without limit. In this case, I’ve only posted to one forum.

But if we come over here to you know, my admin account, you can see it says that there are 2 unread topics with posts. If I come over here and look at that you know, I’ve got this post, the SEO Power Suite for $99. That’s the one I just started up and then creating a text-only version. Those are two posts that I have not read yet as the admin. And it’s showing me that I don’t have any messages in my inbox that there aren’t any that I am watching so far that I’ve subscribed to or that have new posts. And none that I’ve subscribed to that have new posts.

But if I want to see what I have subscribed to, I can click on this and it will show me all of those that I have subscribed to. And actually, if I’ve subscribed to a lot like I have here right, I mean, just lots and lots and lots and lots because I post on everything. So really, it’s got tons and tons here that show up. If this little blue icon right down there is red, that means that there is a new unread post. So if it’s blue, it means I’ve read all the posts. But if it’s red, it means that I have a post that I have not read yet.

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