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How to Use the Forum – Part 9 – How to Include Code in a Post

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This is the ninth and final part of How to Use the Forum tutorial series. In this session, we show how to include code text in a quote on your post. This is helpful for questions about php or html code.

Video Transcript

There’s oen other thing I want to show you and that is how to include text in a post. So for example, if I post reply here and let’s say I have a block of text I want to include. So I’m just going to open up… let’s see, well we can just say this. You know, let’s say I’ve got this little function here that I want to include because I want to ask a question about it. Well, now that I’ve copied it, I can come over here and paste it and then scroll back up and select what I pasted and then use this, right there to put it in brackets. And while it doesn’t look beautiful at the moment, it will essentially highlight the syntax. So it will keep the indentations and it will add the colors and that kind of stuff. You hit post new reply. Now you have a block of code that shows up inside of your post.

And in fact, this is how I do it. When somebody asks me a question about code, I’ll post code in there and then I’ll wrap it in this stuff so that they can see the code in lines and with colors and indentations and everything. And if you want to yourself, copy the code, you can select this raw code and copy it and then you know, paste it in where you’re working and it’ll retain all of its characteristics.

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