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How to Use the Scroll to Top Plugin

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This member asks how to get the “go to top of page” button that is on my site. I demonstrate how to use the Scroll to Top plugin.

Video Transcript

The first question you had actually was about my cool little new feature, this little thing here where it goes back to the top of the page. I got to admit, I really like that, that little feature especially on pages like this where this Live Answers page is actually showing like 200 posts. And the reason I’m letting it show so many is because we’re in the middle of transcribing some of the older posts and my transcriptionist can’t get to some of these posts in here if I say cut it off at 50 posts. And so, and the pagination just confuses them so I have it set to display every single one of those posts and there’s about 250 of them or something like that.

So anyway, if you’re down here looking or if you’re you know, scrolling through these topics trying to find your specific topic and you want to go back to the top you know, I love that. Just push that button and it goes all the way up.

Now the way I do that is with a plugin called Scroll to Top. And I’m going to just show it to you here quickly. Rather than installing it and showing you how to install it, I’m sure you know that by now. But once you’ve installed Scroll to Top then you end up with this little settings screen down under the Settings menu and here, you can enable it or disable it. You can set the text that you want to display. You can give a specific width. You can set the text color and you can set the background color. And so, that’s all you have to do in order to set that.

And I’m just going to… let’s see, we’ll go to plugins and Scroll to Top. So this is… I’m using version 1.2 right now by Rafael Cirulini. I don’t think the… I think the plugin was originally written in Italian or something like that. But anyway, you can it on the repository. It’s a spectacular widget so I really like that a lot.

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  • BlankSlate December 2, 2011, 6:04 pm

    This is a AWESOME plugin…. Thanks

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