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How to Use the Ultimate CSS3 Gradient Generator with Thesis

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In this session we show how to use the ultimate CSS3 Gradient Editor to create a gradient for a header. The code for the gradient can be placed in our plugins to be used as background. We show how the Full Width Backgrounds Plugin lets you paste in a gradient code to use for your Thesis page.

Video Transcript

Member: My second quick question is, is there a source for like script color gradients outside of like Photoshop or when you’re editing programs? I just didn’t know if you’re aware of anything where you can go. I’ve been on a couple like eBook sites where it actually does it for you automatically. Do you know what I mean? To provide gradients in a script, text script for a header?

Rick: Well, if you’re using my plugins, you can use this gradient editor to create gradients.

Member: Okay.

Rick: This is the Colorzilla Gradient Editor and for example, when you’re looking at one of my plugins, we’ll just look at the Full Width Backgrounds plugin at the moment.

Member: Yeah, I was looking at that. I didn’t get that far, okay.

Rick: See where it says background gradient here?

Member: Right.

Rick: If you’d go to this site, you can completely change these gradients around and this is a Photoshop-style gradient slider and you can completely make the gradient the way you want it. Then all you have to do is copy this code and paste it into that section of my plugin and that gradient will be the background.

Member: Okay, great. Well, that answers that question.

Rick: Okay.

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