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How to Use YouTube Without Offering Viewers the Chance to Leave Your Site

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In this session, a member asked how to avoid viewers leaving your site after watching a YouTube video. YouTube videos have related video links at the end of the video that you can click on which take the viewer back to YouTube. As far as we know there is no workaround for this other than choosing to hosting the video from Vimeo.

Video Transcript

Member: A lot of times when you… it seems like when you capture that embed code and bring it over to my website and then when the video ends there’s like a section of view-this-also kind thing and I am wondering if there’ a way to eliminate that advertising.

Rick: You know I think there is a way, I just don’t know what it is tough. I have seen people talk about how to accomplish that. It might be a plugin, but I’ve seen people talk about that and I do think that there may very well be a way to kind of strip out that YouTube behavior out of the embed code. Well, it’s not on the embed code, it’s essentially the same embed code but it prevents that YouTube ending. An alternate to that is to use Vimeo. I mean if you don’t like the way that YouTube behave that way then just use Vimeo instead, or use Vimeo as well as. We use YouTube for a… essentially as a marketing tool. We use YouTube to reach people that don’t know about us. But we use Vimeo to serve video on our site. We don’t like the way YouTube serves video. So we don’t use YouTube for that.

Member: Oh so create a video and put it on YouTube for the marketing aspect and go to Vimeo and use that to be on your website. In that way they don’t do that at the end of the video.

Rick: Yes, exactly. Yeah, there’s no question that YouTube is absolutely spectacular for bringing people to us. And so, it’s an important part of our process to put content on YouTube. But it does not serve video in a way that we like and so we don’t use it on our site to serve video.

Member: Awesome, thank you very much!

Rick: Ok? you’re welcome.

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