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How We Use Our Facebook Page to Engage Our Members

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In this session, our facebook resident expert, Laura, discusses how we use Facebook to engage our fans and members by providing quality content, videos, event calendars and other activities. She recommends some of the people and organizations she follows to get advice about using Facebook for a business.

Video Transcript

Rick: Good evening or good morning, Jeff. Actually, it’s good afternoon for you Jeff, isn’t it?

Jeff: Oh, well remembered, yeah. Absolutely, yes. By the way, I was the errant person on chat about a week ago and I think I meant to click send when you said, “Actually, who is it I’m talking to?” when you helped me out and put a plugin in. So yeah, it’s me. I’ve got about… which was the interesting question you were saying? On the Facebook one?

Rick: Yeah, the Facebook question.

Jeff: Yeah, I’m very early doing this. This is a fantastic process which I’m trying to keep up with. I’m thinking ahead a bit. I haven’t got a Facebook page yet but I’m thinking how to integrate the WordPress with the Facebook fan page? And it might be something you’d do later, it might be out of the scope of what you’re going to do with… sorry, what you want to go with that.

Rick: Well you know, we’ve put a lot of work into our Facebook here in the last few months, last 2 or 3 months.

Jeff: Your fan page, you mean?

Rick: Yeah and so we have some observations to make about it. And in fact, we have the good fortune right now of having our resident expert, my lovely wife, here to chat about it. And Laura, I’ve just unmuted your microphone. Not yet, go ahead and try it again. No, what you need to do is…

Laura: I’ve got the sound set for the headset for the USB.

Rick: Okay, but you also need to set it in the GoTo Meeting thing.

Laura: Oh shoot, sorry.

Rick: You have a little window. Pardon me here. Yeah, your attendee interface, there you go. Expand that. Click on that orange arrow. Now see where it says audio settings?

Laura: Yes.

Rick: Go ahead and click on that. You want to click on the audio settings so you can adjust it.

Laura: I’ve got mic and speakers set.

Rick: Okay so see where you hit settings? Go ahead and hit settings. Okay, microphone, Windows default device. Go ahead and select a new microphone, headset, there you go. Now talk.

Laura: Can you hear me now?

Rick: Looks like it. So go ahead and say okay to that. Now go ahead and talk.

Laura: Can you hear me now?

Rick: Yeah, now we can hear you, perfect. So tell us about how we’re integrating our Facebook page into our whole scheme, Laura.

Laura: Well, Rick calls me the resident expert but I’m very new to this. I’ve only been doing it in depth, like Rick said, for a couple of months. And what we are trying to do is engage our fans by providing quality content and content for us comes in the form of videos. If you go to our Facebook page at, you’ll see we have a videos tab. We put up new videos each week. We have an events calendar which we just put up recently and that allows people to directly sign up from our Facebook page to events we’re having on our BYOB Website page. We created a special page so that when people first come to our fan page, they get a message from us and we ask them to like us. And in return for the like, we offer our footer plugin plus we suggest you know, if you want to ask a question on the Wall, we’re happy to answer that. In other words, we’re just… we’re trying… oh you know, we post articles that we think would be useful for the people who are trying to develop their websites. We highlight our members’ websites once a week. We… let’s see, essentially, we’re trying to put quality content on here that people will find useful and will hopefully talk about and share with their friends.

Jeff: So Laura, in what way do you think you’re not a resident expert? I mean, that looks like a fantastic strategy to me.

Laura: Well, I love the strategy too but it takes planning and it takes some forethought about… because I don’t just do the social media. At some point, I’ll be able to do more of the social media but it works well to think about what days you want to post certain kinds of content. And I haven’t… right so on Mondays, we have videos. We try to add new articles 4 days a week and we do our member highlight every Wednesday. So we try to keep things very consistent.

And as we get better at this, on Facebook, there’s something called insights. So you can look and see who… how many people looked at an article where a picture or whatever it is that you posted and how many are talking about it and how many people shared it… all those sorts of things. And so after a while, you can look back at your postings and see, okay, what were people actually interested in? I thought this would be interesting but people really think it was interesting? And you can learn what your consumer is interested in.

And there’s also this sort of trick about when you should post and that entirely depends on your audience, it sounds like. I’ve been reading some stuff about this and some people find that very first thing in the morning is when people check. Other people find that right before lunch time is good. Now this all depends on if your audience is local, if your audience is worldwide. All of that stuff varies based on that.

And just something else to note, Facebook just announced that by March 30th, all the pages are going to get a new design and they’re going to be moving to that Timeline feature as well. And so if you’re going to create a website or pardon me, create a page, you want to keep that in mind. So that when you… if you decide like we decided to have an artist help us create our… you know, essentially our logo picture, it’s says “Build Your Own Business Website”. It’s got our gal and it says, what we do, learn to develop, manage, maintain your own small business web presence and then it gives our website address. Well, we’re going to need an entirely new image for that and so we’ll have our artist go ahead and create… I see Rick’s pulling it up here. We’ll have our artist create something that will span the new space and we’ll be engaging… it still says what we do and you know, hopefully invites people to… that sort of thing.

I have a couple of ideas for resources for you if you’re interested in learning how to do this. You know, when you first start, there is so much to learn and there are lots and lots of articles out there. And I can tell you that I learned a lot from Hubspot articles and from Mashable articles. Maury Smith, while I haven’t actually watched any of her videos yet. She’s someone who I’m interested in learning more from. Amy Porterfield is another gal who’s got a Facebook page who has lots and lots of experience with Facebook. And the other thing is there’s a page Social Media Examiner and they have clubs now that they’ve just started. And it’s actually just their socialmediaexaminer/clubs and in that club, they have 3 different mini-clubs that they’ve created. One is for Facebook and you can start new topics or look at old topics. It’s free to join. It costs nothing. The only danger is you will get 5,000,000 emails in your inbox if you’re not careful about what you are interested in following. But there are always people posting questions and links to articles. And I think that’s also a great free resource.

Jeff: That sounds fantastic. Are you and Rick going to be planning to put any of your own resources out relating to Facebook?

Rick: Sure.

Jeff: Okay, well I’ve just decided that I’m going to…

Laura: Uh oh, I can’t hear him.

Jeff: I think I was muted for a second. I’ve just decided I’m going to join up so yeah, that’ll be great. I’ll look forward to that. Can I just… that was fantastic, Laura. It’s really helpful there.

Laura: Okay.

Jeff: I’ve just got one other question. Do I need to register for each class, access or recording because I can’t find the recording from Monday because I’m obviously in the UK. That’s in 3 o’clock in the morning.

Laura: Actually, I am just finishing up the recordings and I will be posting in the next few hours. So those, they actually aren’t available yet but they will be very soon so a little bit later today.

Jeff: Fantastic. And even though I didn’t register for it, I would still be able to find it on the site.

Laura: Oh absolutely, absolutely. You just go to the main Build a Professional Page, go down to the lesson. Click on it and those will all show up for you.

Jeff: Great, fantastic.

Rick: Okay.

Laura: Okay, thanks.

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