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I can’t find the import buddy file from BackupBuddy when at the new site

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In this case, the problem is that the new site already has WordPress installed.  This means that the index.php file is firing first and then WordPress is looking for a page to load so it is ignoring the importbuddy.php file.  There are a couple of solutions, one of which is to delete all those files and begin again or as we do here, gain access to the BackupBuddy Restoration and Migration Tool site.  This allows you to go through the process and overwrite all the existing files.

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Video Transcript

Sandy: I’m having a little Backup Buddy issue that I’m trying to look through that today and that’s… it’s purely… I cannot for some reason find the file Input buddy and I’m going to import the backup to a new site… to a new host.

Rick: Okay so the way that works is you… first you had to download import buddy from their site on to your computer and then you have to upload it from your site to the same directory that you are uploading the zip file to. Do you think you’re doing that?

Sandy: I am doing that.

Rick: Can you show the screen so you can show me what it looks like when you do that?

Sandy: You wanna see it in the C panel?

Rick: Well, I’m going to make you a presenter and then we can look at your screen. Okay, now you can probably show your screen with us. Sandy, this is where you’ll share your screen.

Sandy: How do you do this? Okay, that’s fine.

Rick: Okay, no, you’re not moving right now. But go ahead and share your screen.

Sandy: That’s where the… oh here. Okay, I’m sorry.

Rick: There you go. So we can see it now.

Sandy: Can you hear me? I’m just basically moving this from one host to another. That’s purely all I wanted to do here. So now in the File Manager, I’m putting in public.html and here’s the backup folder right here and here’s import button.

Rick: Okay.

Sandy: Well my problem is that I think… I apologize because this is really way below all your learners but my problem is when I type… what I’ve been typing is and when I do that, I get a 404- that gnarly dude.

Rick: Yeah and the reason for that is you already have a site set up at fishingmikes. I mean, right now, I can see that you’ve got wpadmin, wpcontent, wpincludes all set up already in the same folder. And so because of that, what’s happening is that WordPress is taking over and is…indexphp is firing first and then WordPress is looking for a page that is fishingmikes/importbuddy. And so WordPress is essentially ignoring the fact that you’ve got a file in there that is importbuddy.php. Now what you would do is if you are… you wouldn’t open this or install in the same directory as you already have WordPress installed. You would want to install this in a directory without anything installed. I’m going to unmute you now.

Sandy: I think I understand what you’re saying and what I did yesterday I think is I extracted the zip file for fishingmikes before I ran the import buddy, now that I think of it and I think that’s what I did.

Rick: Well so the solution to that is just to delete all those fishingmikes files and let’s see… I’m going to try to go to the site. The real question here is whether or not… okay perfect. So what you have here is there’s no… you’ve extracted those files but there is no database connection. And so what I would do… let’s see what happens with importbuddy.php… I take it this is not what you see when you’re on that, Sandy?

Sandy: I’m looking at my screen.

Rick: Oh I’m sorry, that’s right. That’s right.

Sandy: I’d rather look at yours.

Rick: Well, why don’t you open up a browser and just a new window?

Sandy: Okay you want me to type in

Rick: /importbuddy.php.

Sandy: Oh wow, that’s where I wanna go. I couldn’t get to that screen yesterday and I got so frustrated and you know how it is when you can’t find something.

Rick: Yeah.

Sandy: That’s exactly where I wanna go.

Rick: Okay.

Sandy: What I need to do then is get rid of all those files in there and then run again?

Rick: No, actually you don’t. Now at this point right here, you can just go ahead and run it. It will replace those files and it will set up a database. Database isn’t already set up. That is, database isn’t preloaded with information. I presume you’ve done that first step of setting up the database. But if you just go through this process now, it should work fine.

Sandy: That’s fine. This is just where I needed to be so that’s great. That’ll help me. So that’ll overwrite the files that are already there?

Rick: It will.

Sandy: Okay, that’s fine. Thank you.

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