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Identifying Shopping Cart Session Problems in WP eStore

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This member is having problems with the shopping cart in WP eStore. We look a the effect that PHP “sessions” have on losing and adding to shopping cart content. We do some problem solving to try to resolve them.

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Video Transcript

Rick: And Dennis has a question that says “Hi everybody, good day Rick.  Thanks for the invite, only one question.  When testing my site, there was that problem of Add to Cart and then navigating away and then back again.  Items remain in the cart but if you refresh, you get an additional item in the cart.”

Dennis: Hi.

Rick: Hi Dennis.  Why don’t you explain that a little further?

Dennis: Okay we had that problem at one stage where there’s a cart and navigated away and then when we went back to that page, we lost the item and that’s a problem with a PHP session and I had the main host fix that problem and now what happens is only 2 browsers actually, when you navigate away from the page and back again, it asks you to either reload the page, or something about refreshing the page, if you do that there ends up another item in the cart.

Rick: Yeah, because it’s asking… essentially it’s asking you to repeat the last thing you did which was add to cart.

Dennis: Yes.  Now is there any way for stopping that?

Rick: You know, I don’t know.  Let’s see, remind me… what’s your website again?


Rick: And what does WS stand for?

Dennis: Website.  It’s a new extension.

Rick: Oh.  And so if come over to your catalog and I select your…

Dennis: Category… it’s a category in there.  Select catalog and there’s a category there.

Rick: There we go and so here are the different template choices and what’s the template choice I tried last time?

Dennis: Oh that was the one I set up for you in the past…

Rick: No, I didn’t actually do that one.  I was… this is the one right here.  Okay and so we just add to cart.  Okay, I have this thing in my cart.

Dennis: That’s when you jump back from… I mean if you pull out from that… back again… the item has gone out of the cart.

Rick: Okay this is that confirm resubmission thing and in Chrome it did not add to the cart.  It left the one in place.

Dennis: How about if you navigate to another page on the website?

Rick: We’ll go to support and then we’ll go back to reconfirm… yeah, I see it.  Right, it did add one.  You know, I… that’s gonna take a little bit of research to figure out because I don’t know the answer to that question.  And that is… it’s obviously something you want to fix… you don’t want it to do that and so obviously, I mean unless you’re gonna rack up more sales but you don’t really want it to automatically add so I’ll do a little bit of research on that.

Dennis: Yeah, I’ll do that myself as well but I don’t wanna rack up refunds either.

Rick: Right absolutely.  It’s you know, maybe worth asking a question at tips and tricks HQ in their forum about that.

Dennis: Yeah, alright.  I’ll do that.

Rick: You know those guys are really good at support.

Dennis: Yes, I’ve had a quick view right there and it’s got some very helpful stuff .

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