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Install NetBeans 7.0 – Part 4, Opening Files in NetBeans

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We cover the installation and configuration of NetBeans 7 which just came out last week in a 5 part video series. In this fourth part we show you how to open files when they are not part of a project.

Video Transcript

Rick: I’m going to turn on Jared’s microphone here. Jared, are you with us?

Jared: Yes, can you hear me?

Rick: Yes, I can although you’ll need to speak up a bit but…

Jared: Okay, I’ll speak louder.

Rick: That’s perfect.

Jared: Okay.

Rick: So how is this different from what you see?

Jared: Well, first of all, on my NetBeans, I can only open 2 windows on the left. The navigator on the lower left and the projects files on the upper left. There’s nothing on the right that I can open. It’s all grayed out.

Rick: Okay and so, if we go to windows and let’s see… you know, some of this stuff is project-related. I could open the projects window but I don’t have any projects. Navigating navigator… can you see the navigator on yours?

Jared: Yeah, I do. I’m copying you but there’s nothing… it’s all grayed out on the right. I have… where you have that black riding down the middle where your pointer was over on the left?

Rick: This?

Jared: I have nothing to the right of that.

Rick: Oh do you have a file open?

Jared: Storage file?

Rick: This is an open file, right. If I close this, that’s what I have.

Jared: That’s what I have. Now, how did you open it?

Rick: I went to file, open file, went to the location on my hard drive where the file was which in this case is… oh, I’m just going to start in the beginning. So it’s on my server which is in this case, the Z drive and then it’s under websites and byobwebsite and tutorial sites. And then… oops, not tutorial sites. Pardon me. BYOB tutorial site and then library and then WordPress and then wp content and themes, thesis_18, custom and then I opened this file – custom css. And with the file open, that’s what you’re seeing here in the right hand side is the file. And we can see the style builder because…

Jared: Where do I go after library?

Rick: Well that is the file system that’s set up on my computer.

Jared: Right and I can follow along in a Mac. It’s just that I’m in the library, where in the library do I go after that?

Rick: Where did you set it up as?

Jared: Pretty much like you did. I pretty much copied you in the videos.

Rick: Okay so then under library…

Jared: I’m in the wrong library. NetBeans projects.

Rick: It won’t be under NetBeans projects unless you deliberately put it there.

Jared: No.

Rick: The way I teach it is to create a directory for your website….

Jared: Document websites…

Rick: Okay, so go to…

Jared: That would be the WordPress, wp content, themes, plugins?

Rick: Yup. Not plugins but themes and then thesis_18…

Jared: Yes.

Rick: And then custom?

Jared: Yes.

Rick: And then custom css and then custom functions php.

Jared: Yes. You are in custom functions php?

Rick: Yeah and so when you open up custom functions php, you won’t see that css preview down there because it’s not a css file. It’s a php file. So…

Jared: It says I have to upgrade something. Is this going to open up in NetBeans?

Rick: Well if you select it with File Open, yes.

Jared: Yeah, I did. Open with…

Rick: Oh no. If it says Open With… you didn’t use NetBeans to open it.

Jared: I didn’t use NetBeans to open it. Okay, no I didn’t. I went in to what we call the finder.

Rick: Yeah. I’m sure you can do it that way but I think it’s easier for you to do it using the File Open system in the… yeah.

Jared: Okay. Web…I’m not finding it there. I’m going in what you’re saying but…

Rick: That’s okay. I’m going to make you a presenter and so we can see your screen.

Jared: Okay.

Rick: And okay so I’m making you a presenter so now, you just have to click the button that says show my screen. Okay so go ahead and get NetBeans up there where we can see it. And again, go to File Open, up in Netbeans. Yeah, there you go. Open file…so now you are looking for…yeah, documents, right?

Jared: What next? Web?

Rick: Websites… yeah, there you go. Custom…

Jared: Right here?

Rick: Yeah, grab custom css too.

Jared: Both of them?

Rick: Yup.

Jared: I don’t know how to open… it’s got to be one…

Rick: Shift and click again. Okay, so remember when I said that the php file doesn’t have a preview window?

Jared: Okay.

Rick: You’re right now looking at the php file. See the tab, the active tab?

Jared: Here?

Rick: Yeah, that tells you what file you’re looking at. If you go select the custom css file, there you go.

Jared: How do I get something to show up over here? That’s…

Rick: Well, you don’t have anything to show up as far… I mean, the css file doesn’t have any css rules so there’s nothing to show up there.

Jared: Okay.

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