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Introduction to the BYOB Maintenance Mode Skin for Thesis 2

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In this session we introduce our BYOB Maintenance Mode Skin for Thesis 2. This skin allows you to show an under construction/site maintenance message to your visitors while you are customizing another skin. It is fully responsive and looks great in mobile devices and is very easy to customize. Here we show how to change its set up and customize it.

Video Transcript

Now we’re going to start off by looking at a new skin that I developed. If we come over here to member benefits and skins for the Thesis theme 2.0 and scroll down here, you can see right now I’ve got 3 sets of skins here. I’ve got the free classic skin versions for Thesis. I’ve got the mobile responsive Thesis classic skin versions and then I’ve got this new BYOB Maintenance Mode skin for Thesis 2.

We’ll start off by looking at this Maintenance Mode skin. This Maintenance Mode skin goes to solving a problem that I observed when working on Thesis that if you really have only one theme, you can’t have it… if you want and you want to work on it without people seeing you work on it, you have to have something else that is active at the same time. And so that’s really the main purpose for this is just to have something… have a skin that you can create that tells your visitors that you’re currently maintaining the site.

So if you right click on this and save the link as, it’ll download to your computer. And then go to the website where you want to add it and in this case, I meant, I’m going to come on over here to the dashboard and then over to Thesis and skins and select skin. And then what we’ll do is we’ll select upload skin, choose a file and we’re going to pick this file that we just downloaded which is BYOB Maintenance Mode Add the skin and then activate the skin. And now if we visit the site, this is what we’re going to look like or it’s something that we’re going to see. It’s the heading of the site or the site title, the site tagline, a message that says, “Oops, you caught us working on the site.” And then you know, a couple of paragraphs of text.

Now if you… this is intended really to prevent people from getting to any other page on your site. So this is going to come up when they go to your homepage. And actually you know, it probably makes sense to make this a 404 page as well. But in any case, it’s set up right now as a front page and as the homepage template. So regardless of which kind of template error… which kind of site you have, this is going to show up.

But if we come over here to skin editor, this skin is very easily edited. It is comprised of really, inside this page wrapper, it’s got a site title, a site tagline, the maintenance title which is that big, blue thing. All you have to do is change this if you want it to be something different and the maintenance message. That’s the same thing that’s true here. All you have to do is change it. Now you can easily add your header image to this instead you know, instead of the site title and tagline, you can add other content. You could add you know, an invitation to sign up for the newsletter. You could add a contact form. There’s any kinds of things that you can do here. Well, you can do anything that you want in this because this is just a Thesis skin. But it happens to be a Thesis skin that is designed specifically to do this thing.

So for example, if you go to a page template, you’re going to see the page template as blank. It doesn’t display anything. And if you go to an archive template, it’s the same way. Because what this does is… this creates exactly the same page for the homepage and also for static front page.

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