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Is it Possible to Add an Alt Tag to a Header Image Using the Thesis Header Image Function?

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This member asks if it is possible to add an Alt tag to the header image when it is added using the Thesis Header Image function.  I explain that the Thesis header image is actually a background image and thus it doesn’t take an alt tag.  However I also show another method of adding a header image that uses an image link that will take an alt tag.

Video Transcript

John asks if it’s possible to place an image alt tag for the header image and is it possible to have different alt tags for different header images on different pages. Well, that depends on how you create the header image. If for example, you’ve created the header image using the system that I teach in Lesson 4 of the Customize Thesis Like a Pro series, let’s see, let’s just go to that. We’ll just go to Lesson 5.

Okay in this case, what we’re doing is we’re using the Thesis header image to upload our image and when we do that, what we’re actually doing is creating a background image for that part of the header. And the background image does not have alt tags because it’s not treated like a standard image.

And so, the long short answer to that question is no, you can’t actually do that with an image alt tag or you can’t actually add an image alt tag to that. I’m just going to show you what I mean here real quick.

However, if you use the system that I teach in the Introduction to PHP in Thesis, in that case, the header image is inserted as an image link and when it’s inserted as an image link, you can add alt tag to it and you can have different pages, different alt tags for different pages as long as it’s put in there in place by php rather than CSS. So if we inspect this for just a moment and look at this link… actually, it’s probably the logo, isn’t it? Yeah, look at the h1 logo which is what this is right here. You can see that it is a background image. It’s not a standard image so the image tag itself doesn’t show up in the HTML and so it can’t have an alt tag.

But if you use the other system, the system taught in Lesson… well, let’s just go there real quickly so we can see it. Back over to the site, go down to Intermediate Tutorials and then Customize Thesis Like a Pro, one of them has not been updated recently so it’s not just right here in this list. You have to look over on the other Thesis customization lessons and if you scroll down to Customizing Thesis PHP under the Introductory series, this shows you how to create an image link in your header and then that case, you can add alt tags and that sort of thing.

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