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Is There a Way to Make a 301 Redirect Open in a New Browser Window?

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This member asks if it is possible to make 301 Redirects open in a new browser window. We discuss what a 301 Redirect does and when it acts in the web page display process.

Video Transcript

John McKenna asks from a conversation yesterday, it’s not exactly a beginner question but nevertheless, I’ll take it. He asks whether… he set up some 301 redirect on one of his site’s webpages to an external URL and he wonders if it’s possible to have this page open in a new browser. And if you use the Apache version of doing that, I don’t believe it… it’s not, actually. I know it’s not because that doesn’t have anything to do with the browser. All the activity there happens elsewhere.

If you use the Thesis 301 redirect system, you might in fact, be able to do that. Although you know, I don’t think so. So you might be better off… yeah, I don’t think you can. You know, the thing is that… the thing that makes it open up as a separate browser window is a property of the link called target and that’s the only place I could think of that has any kind of description like that. You know, jquery, javascript could kind of emulate that but that’s beyond this 301 redirect thing. So I think the answer to that question is no, it can’t.

And so anyway, as I go through my presentation here, you are all welcome to join in and ask questions. If you’ve got a microphone, please indicate that on the question because I’ll probably call on you to… unless you don’t wish to be called on, I’ll call on you to talk a little bit about your question. But…

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