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Is there Any Reason to Create a Custom CSS File in Thesis 2.0?

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In this session we talk about whether there is any reason to create a custom CSS file in Thesis 2. The reason for using custom CSS is to prevent the user from changing the style. We can also add a custom class to every page so that the person who is going to edit it has to know that every page has a custom class in order for them to do anything to change it.

Video Transcript

Member: Now with this new package format in Thesis 2, there’s almost no reason to do any kind of custom css work in… like a code editor.

Rick: Yeah. There may be reasons to do it but probably not. I mean, it’s good training wheels for somebody who’s not real comfortable to syntax. So if you really need to write some CSS, you can use a code editor to make sure that your code is properly formed before you cut it and paste it into Thesis.

You know, the same thing is true for auto completion and stuff like that. If you want to use auto completion while you’re writing css then you can do it that way because Thesis won’t do any auto completion for you. But…

Member: Well, I’m… not even necessarily mean a code editor. I meant entering it into a custom css file.

Rick: Well, the only reason you would use a custom css file is because you wanted to prevent the user from changing it.

Member: Okay.

Rick: So if you want to prevent the user from changing it then you could put it in the custom css file be just fine.

Member: Okay yeah, that makes sense. I’ll think about it.

Rick: It’s a question that people are going to have to answer for themselves when we’re doing this responsive skin class. Some of this stuff is a lot easier done… I mean, if you’re writing a skin anyway, you already know how to write the code. So some of this stuff is going to be easier done simply writing the code then it will be to create packages for it. Except that if you want your user to be able to change the font colors or to be able to change a background or to be able to change something in the skin then you have to assume that the user needs the package needs to do so. I mean, you can choose not to do it that way, so the question really is who do you want to have control over the style? If you want to take all the control away or make it very difficult for somebody else to change the style, you can easily use your own custom css file to style everything and not use… or to use only in a very limited way the packages. But it just has to do with… that’s what it comes down to, how easy should it be for the end user to change.

Member: Okay.

Rick: And if it should be really difficult for the end user to change, move all your css into a separate file and on queue it using the master php… oh no, that’s not going to be in that skin. But on queue it from your skin file and maybe even add a custom class to every page so that you know, the person who’s going to edit it has to know that every page has got this custom class in order for them to do anything to change this stuff. Right?

Member: Okay.

Rick: I mean, it’s possible to do it that way.

Member: Yeah.

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