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Is Vimeo Appropriate for Embedding Videos in WordPress?

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In this session we discuss if Vimeo is appropriate for embedding videos in WordPress. Some of the reasons to use Vimeo are that it is simple, it handles all the load, it loads next to No Javascript on your site, it always displays something that can be viewed in a mobile device and it displays a very high quality image.

Video Transcript

Member:  So my last question is the Camtasia video stuff. I watched all your videos. I’ve been doing video for 10 years so it’s an advantage and a disadvantage. What I’ve always done for the most part to get it to work on my HTML sites is I do FLVs and I have players wrapped in folders and it works. I’ve always used and everything. What I didn’t get out of all your videos or missed it somewhere was the very end, which I asked you last night with email is what service are you using and what player… I mean, I’ve had very limited luck with different players in WordPress so I was trying to figure out two questions really. Are you using Amazon S3 which I don’t really know what that means except I’ve heard you talk about it a little bit. So why do you not do it off your own server and what is the best service to use? I mean, I’ve already got you know, YouTube and Vimeo and everything else. So is there another paid thing I need to go do? And then what is the player that you’re actually using inside of the WordPress page or post to do it?

Rick:  Okay well, I am not fully satisfied with the solution that I use because the ideal solution is one that loads a minimum amount of Javascript and displays video that’s appropriate for mobile devices and displays very high quality image. Now the difference between very high quality… for me, very high quality is a little bit more difficult than it probably is for you because I need to be able to read text, very small text.

Member:  Like in your videos. I’m not trying to show them code like in Netbeans but I do need to show them… you know, I bought Camtasia last night and I’m using it. Actually, that’s really cool. I’ve always wondered how you did that. So I did my first video last night with that then. What I basically need is I’m trying to train sales ladies on different places to go on a website or how to use the affiliate tool and how to put banner in the website and that kind of stuff.

Rick:  So you don’t even really care that much about mobile with those videos?

Member:  Well, yes and no just because if somebody starts to use iPads and they’re out there doing these sales shows on the floor.

Rick:  Okay, okay. Well you know, I mean, I think the simplest solution is just to use Vimeo.

Member:  Okay so just take the mpeg form, put on Vimeo and do it that way?

Rick:  Yeah. I think that’s really the simplest solution. It’s not a good enough solution for my use because it does not.. even though you know, I have the HD… it says it produces the stuff in HD. You know, it’s still a sampled video and the video still doesn’t do text as crisp and clean as I want it to be. However, it is what I use for mobile devices because mobile devices, generally, are smaller… generally don’t have a higher resolution. And somebody viewing one of my videos on a mobile device probably isn’t really trying to look at the text that closely. And so in your situation, my guess is I’d start off with just using Vimeo because Vimeo is very simple. It handles all of the load for you and it loads next to no Javascript. It automatically always displays something that can be viewed in a mobile device.

Member:  Well, like on my website, those side videos. You saw the girls and the presentations. All of that’s Vimeo anyway so that’s what I’m doing now.

Rick:  Yeah well then I would just keep on doing that because that’s… I mean, for me, what I’m looking for is something like Vimeo but that will deliver a much… will deliver, essentially, my unsampled video for people with high enough bandwidth. And right now, I don’t have a happy solution for that.

Member:  Okay, perfect. Thank you so much. You can’t imagine how much you had helped me today.

Rick:  Hey, it’s my pleasure.

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