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Member Recommendations for Podcasting Systems

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In this session we talk about member recommendations for podcasting systems where we suggest a variety of podcast hosting platforms available and how they are different from each other in terms of service and use.

Video Transcript

Member:  Is there something that you would recommend that I could get on the website so they can download kind of iTune-esque kind of thing? I mean, I’d like to get into iTunes but is there something that you would recommend on that end?

Rick:  Well you know, I don’t know how phones download audio and I’ve never looked into that. I do know that you can put an audio on… I mean, you can put an audio on the site and people can come and click on it and listen to it. And I presume that works fine on mobile devices but I don’t know if it does or not.

Member:  Okay. I’m just wondering if I should jump away from the power press… I mean, the audio shows that you can like actually download the… it shows a player and then shows the actual… you can download the mp3. I’m just wondering if there’s… I know it’s not a Thesis question but I’m… that’s kind of… I don’t know.

Rick:  So you’ve looked at the iTunes Podcast system?

Member:  I really… no, I haven’t. Maybe I should. That’s where I should go next.

Rick:  Well, who’s… you referred to it as podcasting. Who’s your target? I mean, is your target somebody with a mobile device that’s listening to it on their iPod or iPad or iPhone or what’s your target?

Member:  I would say anyone with the… I mean, any kind of device that would want to you know, yeah. I would probably any of the… any user that would want to be able to… what you’re saying with the phones that that’s probably not the way that…

Rick:  I don’t know. Somebody recommended Stitcher and then iTunes does have a podcast system. I’ve never done anything with that and so I don’t have any experience with it. But it may, in fact… see now, I’m also not particularly familiar with the tool you’re using, the Power Press. I’m not really sure what Power Press does for you.

Member:  Well, it’s creating… on the… it’s a… I do a small ministry. It’s but it’ll show a player and you can upload. I’ve been uploading it to my ftp, all the videos. But now, the way you’re saying, I might go a different route. And… but I have to upload everything that I want to put on my website. That’s basically the issue. Yeah, that’s it.

Rick:  So you’re using Blueberry Power Press.

Member:  Right.

Rick:  And I’ll take a little closer look at it and…

Member:  Yeah, I know you’re busy but…

Rick:  I’ll give you my opinion on it. I’ve not looked at this but I agree that you know, having a system of publishing… well, audio and video, are… it might very well be a good choice. It’s looks like one of our members has tried… let’s see. Let’s just bring Anna back into this conversation because she does podcasting. Just a second here.

Okay, Anna. Are you with us? Hello, Anna?

Anna:  Yes.

Rick:  Okay, there we go.

Anna:  Sorry, I kept… this is something I know

Rick:  Perfect.

Anna:  I actually use… I was uploading for a long time on to my website and you know, a podcast is a big hog. So what I did is I ended up going offline to something called Talk Shoe because it was really, really easy. And it gave me another place where I can plant my audio so people can see it and it gave me a player as well. So I could go just embed that player right on my site every tiem I uploaded it. And also gave me stats. I didn’t have stats before.

Rick:  So Talk Shoe.

Anna:  Yeah, Talk Shoe. Well, it looks like Talk Shoe is… when you think about it, it’s mostly more about people wanting to do it like live shows but you don’t have to do that. I just upload my mp3 right to it and then it’s… you know, I did the show like pre-recorded and that’s fine.

Member:  Okay.

Anna:  So it’s really, really easy and you could you know, it’s very easy to set up. It give you a player. I can look at my stats. iTunes, you don’t have stats. It also gives you an iTune link so you can pass it off to iTunes. You could say, “Okay now I want it to go to iTunes.” Because iTunes, you don’t get anything from iTunes. It’s just there. It also puts your thing on Stitcher. Stitcher’s another… just like stitching up because Stitcher’s really great because it’s another mobile way for people to find… you want to plant your podcast in as many places you can. I am on Blueberry. My podcast is there but I don’t get a lot of traffic from there. I get more traffic from my site, from Talk Shoe and you know, Stitcher… I’m getting traffic so that’s what I do.

You know, the funny thing that I find and this is something that… Rick, you might want to think about, more people listen to my podcast than they watch my videos.

Member:  Oh really?

Anna:  Yes. And actually, I’m not the only one who said that, who’s done videos that they… because it’s easier to do on a mobile phone because it doesn’t take as much bandwidth.

Rick:  Yeah.

Anna:  So I thought I was crazy and then I heard another person who does video interviews because I do video and audio interviews together. And they said, “No, no, no. It’s more audio. People are listening to the interviews.”  So audio is very powerful.

Member:  Okay. Well then, I guess then on for Thesis, the question I… okay, I think that answer a lot of that part. But…

Rick:  Okay, Anna says Libsyn Podcast Hosting and Smartphone Apps. So Liberated Syndication… I see. So that’s one and Ken has had good experience apparently with iTunes so you may want to you know, consider that as well. So I mean, I think it probably makes perfect sense for you to spread out where your stuff is located.

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