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Opt-in Pop-Up after each Successfully played Video

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A member asked if its possible to put a pop-up dialog box during or after the viewer successfully played the video. We discuss the ability of Camtasia Studio to add a link to the end of a video. We also briefly discuss using Microsoft Expression Blend. Adobe can probably do this as well. Next we discuss having an opt-in page or an opt-in box with the video. We also discuss using java script or pop-up plugins for hiding the opt-in form for a certain length of time.

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Video Transcript

My question is how do I put or is it possible to put in a… like an email opt-in box in a video so that once someone finishes watching a video you know, they get a box that will pop up so that they can put their name and email if you know, they’re interested in speaking to me and then I will get the email instantly? Do you know how to do that and what would I use to go about doing that?

Well you know, I don’t know how to do that. I know that Camtasia Studio will give you the opportunity to place a link at the end of a video in a hotspot so you can define a button for example, as a hotspot and then select that button and will take you an opt-in, it will take you anywhere including an opt-in form.


I think that if you use a piece of software like… let’s see, I don’t remember of Adobe’s video editing software but Microsoft’s video editing software is Expression Blend. If you use Expression Blend, I think you probably can put in a… essentially, what it is is an HTML form, right. And you’ll link it to your auto responder but what you really need to do is put in an HTML form and I think that you probably can do that in something like Expression Blend and then… while I’ve never even looked at the Adobe product, it’s expensive enough that it probably has that ability too.

Yeah, I definitely don’t have that product but would I be able to… like is it possible to maybe just put the video? So basically you know, there’s a link and the link would go to my website and then it’ll have you know, a good business review. And once they watch the video, if they’re interested in speaking to me, if I do then they could just put their name and email so it’s actually not in the video but it’s just like a capture page. Is that what it’s like?

Yeah, well and so… and you could easily have something you know, an image at the end of the video that will look like it was a continuation of the video and in fact, the sound could continue over top of it. I mean, Camtasia will let you put stills in the middle of the image while the sound goes over the top of it. And so you could do that at the end and it could have what looks like a button. But fromCamtasia standpoint is a hotspot with a link.

Okay, what if I don’t want them to…like I want them stay on the page so once they watch the video, I mean, the whole time there is already a button that they could… or a form that they could put their name and email or just their email.


Yes so that means… so basically, what that is is just to capture page and you just put in the video in there, right?


Okay so is there a way not make the box show up until the video has finished playing? Can it do that?

Yeah. You know, because there is… you’d usejavascript to do that or you could use one of those pop up plugins you know, that bring up… the pop up plugin’s essentially just make something that’s already written visible, right. So the HTML page already contains whatever is in that pop up but the javascript hides it until you get to the point in where it’s time to show it. And you could… just like you know, just like the javascript… now, let’s see… where did that go? Just like the javascript here you know, starts, slips in like that and then moves to the next image you know, on a timed basis. You could certainly have javascript that would prevent that form from being displayed until a certain period of time has lapsed and that would be easy, I think, probably easies to be done in jquery but I do think that would be a fairly simple little piece of jquery.

Okay so I guess this is something probably a programmer to do then.

Yes, it’s definitely something that a programmer would need to do although I think the ability to essentially hide and display is native to jquery so you probably just have to call the jquery method with a brief… you know, with a definition of length of time and the id of the text that it’s affecting. So it’s probably very simple programming. I don’t know how to do that on the top of my head but…

No problem. This is something I would need to do in the functions php or in…

If you’ll embed it in your page, it would be in functions php, yes. Custom functions php, yeah.


You can embed it in your page that way.

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