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Overview of the Interaction Between PayPal and WP eStore

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In this session we give an overview of the interaction between PayPal and WP eStore. Once the payment process is done in Paypal, the buyer receives an email receipt both from Paypal and WP eStore.  We discuss how we configure the redirection in PayPal that tells WP eStore to expect it. Paypal gets the identity token, checks the identity and sends the details of the transaction with the redirection while WP eStore asks PayPal for the identity token, checks the identity token and accepts the information.

Video Transcript

Member: Listen up at a high level. You know, I rather understand it was the process, okay? So if somebody buys from the store, from the online store and they are taken to PayPal.

Rick: Yeah.

Member: So if they have a PayPal account, they log in, they pay. The moment that they pay, they will receive an email from PayPal saying… oh, the receipt. You know, you just bought.

Rick: Yeah and they’ll also receive an email from WP eStore which is a receipt.

Member: One moment, I’m trying to understand. Okay so PayPal sends an email, says “Here’s your invoice. This is what you bought.” And through the token you were talking about, it communicates to the plugin, WP eStore… WP eStore sends them one of the emails they have configured, right?

Rick: Yup

Member: Either with the download link or whatever information, right? And then that closes the whole process. You know, it’s like… I think you know, like… once they pay in PayPal, you can redirect them to your Thank You page or to you know, whatever you say register or create a username, correct? At that moment you know, from PayPal, you will redirect to the Thank You page.

Rick: Yes and you configure that redirection at PayPal, right?

Member: You have to do the configuration.

Rick: You tell PayPal that you want it to redirect back to this Thank You page and you tell WP eStore to expect the redirection.

Member: Okay, alright.

Rick: And PayPal sends all the details of the transaction with that redirection. And because there’s the identity token… before it sends it, it asks for the identity. It gets the identity token and then it sends the information. The same thing is true on the other side, WP eStore, your WordPress site, asks PayPal for the identity token. It checks the identity token and it accepts the information. And based on that information that PayPal sends with the redirection, WP eStore generates the details of the transaction. So you know, how much it was, what it was, all the rest of that stuff.

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