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Overview of WP eStore Configuration for Encrypted Downloadable Products

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In this session we give an overview of WP eStore configuration for encrypted downloadable products shown in the Thank You page. We use the WP eStore shortcode that has the PayPal information which the buyer gets automatically redirected to and contains downloadable links for each of the products that they purchase. These downloadable links will also be in the email that they will receive from WP eStore. PayPal tells the plugin that the transaction has been completed and is automatically setup when PDT identity token is in place. This token is what allows PayPal and WP eStore to communicate with each other.

Video Transcript

Member: Okay so here we are on my dashboard and I have a 5.4.5.

Rick: You should get the upgraded version.

Member: Which one are we now?

Rick: They’re up to 6.8.

Member: Oh God. I’m way behind.

Rick: Yeah.

Member: I will follow through that process later on.

Rick: Okay.

Member: Now this probably can be a problem. Maybe that’s why I’m not seeing it on my end. So I’m at the General Settings and as you can see, I’ve got everything set in place and add to cart. I’ve got my sold out image here. I’ve got my return URL here which is a Thank You, which I’ve also had integrated in PayPal and my PayPal account. Product page which is this one right here which I have. Display shopping link, yeah. So I’m following everything that you were saying. Enable lightbox, enable smart thumbnail option. This, I don’t know and wasn’t really…

Rick: Don’t worry about it.

Member: Okay, got that where I want it. Download validation script location…

Rick: That’s fine, yeah.

Member: Use automatic post payment, check… check and this one is checked, transaction result display and these are also checked here. Okay and the payment…

Rick: Actually, go all the way back down to the bottom for a second, of that.

Member: Okay, hold on.

Rick: You want to make sure that sandbox testing is not checked. Okay, so it’s not checked. Okay that’s good. That’s what I wanted to see.

Member: Gateway payment settings, all that. Okay, I got PayPal here. I got my email, this little thing pulled out. Now I do have my PD Token Identity. I have it in the WordPress… I don’t show it… there it is. Never mind. I wasn’t… I didn’t want to show it because I know that’s like supposed to important and I know you’re recording. So for security reasons, I didn’t want to like have it there.

Rick: Well, we’ll try to blur it out for you.

Member: Thank you. So I have all that there and then this tab here is the audio page. And these are the codes that the plugin provides and this is the preview of how it’s going to look.

Rick: Okay.

Member: That’s where I’m at so far. Now, this is my question which I did not see in your video and I didn’t see in the videos of the actual website itself of WP Plugins. It’s like no one had never really gotten over it. My questions is when someone clicks the buy button, okay it goes through the whole PayPal stuff and everything. Now, where is the page when they do… when they go through the purchase and PayPal automatically sends them to the download page, where is the download page and where…

Rick: It’s the Thank You page.

Member: Okay, it’s the Thank You page. It’s the Thank You page. It’s the Thank You page. Do I have that? Do I have that? There it is, Thank You page.

Rick: Now here’s where the shortcode goes.

Member: Okay, that was my question. Where in my Thank You page would they get the encrypted link to download the product?

Rick: Okay, what you have to do is you have to use that WP eStore shortcode at the bottom of this Thank You page. And in fact, you need to make sure that your Thank You page has the PayPal required language on it as well.

Member: Absolutely.

Rick: Oh there it is, okay. Perfect.

Member: Thank you for your purchase. Your transaction will be completed and received. I got all that ready. That was my question in this whole thing like where do they get to download the encrypted link and where do I put it?

Rick: Well, you would just put it right under “Once again, thank you and good journey to you.” And if you go… let’s just see if we can find the… okay, I’m sorry. Let’s go to my site because I know I have it on my site. Yeah and then go to the courses and then go to the membership course.

Member: How to Create a Membership Website?

Rick: Yeah. That’s got the latest WP eStore shortcodes on it. And then let’s look at… it’s actually Lesson 3, I think. And then I’ve got this WP eStore shortcode cheat sheet right there, see under Lesson 3 resources? It’s dark blue. A little further up… there, down. See where it says WP eStore shortcode cheat sheet? That’s it.

Member: Yeah.

Rick: And then now I think we can scroll down to the bottom of this because I think it’s at the very end of this. It’s not search. It’s not individual product. It’s… oh it’s the very bottom one, WP eStore transaction result end. That’s the one. I’m sorry, I made you go to Tips and Tricks. I forgot I had it.

Member: No problem. And I just paste it there?

Rick: You just paste it there. Let’s look at it in the HTML view for a second, just to make sure it didn’t get any funny code added to it. yeah, why don’t you get rid of that p style text alignment center stuff at the bottom.

Member: The font stuff?

Rick: No, no, no. Just go back to HTML and scroll down there. See where before it says p style text align center?

Member: P style… right here?

Rick: yeah, just start there. Go all the way over to the shortcode and delete that. There you go, delete it. And then delete the closing p tag and now, update that. Okay, now what happens is when somebody buys something from you, they are directed to this page and there will be download links for each of the products that they purcahsed right there. Now these same download links will so be in the email that they receive. But they’ll be redirected right here and the download links will be right there.

Member: Which… the email that PayPal sends them?

Rick: No, WP eStore sends an email.

Member: Where does it do that?

Rick: Well, if you look at the… actually right now, you just scroll down to the bottom here. Actually, you’re in the… I’m sorry, you’re in the payment gateway stuff. We need to go to General Settings. Now, this is all dependent upon you putting that… right there. So ‘Thank you for your purchase.’ There’s that section of product details and the product link. See that?

Member: Yeah.

Rick: Yeah, that’s where the encrypted link goes.

Member: Well, that’s the code that commands the Thank You page.

Rick: No. This has nothing to do with the Thank You page. This is the email that they get.

Member: That the plugin sends to them.

Rick: That the plugin sends to them.

Member: And what triggers the plugin to know to send it to them?

Rick: PayPal tells the plugin that the transaction has been completed.

Member: Okay now, did I set that up? I’m trying to remember…

Rick: As soon as you put that PDT Identity Token back in place, you will have set it up.

Member: Okay. Oh Rick, I love you man. I see how this connect with each… oh man, that’s brilliant. It’s a little bit “dizzling” if there’s such a word. If not, I just made it up. But when you get it, yeah. You see where the dots are connected and how the functionality works.

Rick: Yeah.

Member: Wow, okay. So the token is what commands the plugin to send it to them.

Rick: Well, the token is what allows PayPal and WP eStore to communicate with each other.

Member: Okay.

Rick: That’s what it does.

Member: That’s the middle man for the two.

Rick: Right.

Member: And so when the transaction happens, there’s one section where I integrate my Thank You page with PayPal and PayPal sends that to them. And then the token triggers the plugin and the plugin sends this message to them with the same downloadable link.

Rick: Exactly.

Member: And it’s encrypted.

Rick: Yes.

Member: And the encryption is this thing here, is it?

Rick: Well, that’s just used in the encryption. You just use a random code in there to help generate the encryption.

Member: Okay. Okay, I get it. I get it. Okay and that thing… and this right here is forever changing when they buy different products?

Rick: That’s right.

Member: So this is to all products, not just one.

Rick: That’s correct. And so if you’re buying a product that… let’s just say they’re buying a physical product from you and a downloadable product. Well, if they bought a physical product from you, there won’t be a link there. It will just say, “Thank you for your purchase” or it will just… it will say, “Your PayPal transaction number was such and such. The total amount was such and such.”

Member: And so this is universal then.

Rick: Yeah.

Member: This Thank You page is really important in that regard.

Rick: Yes it is.

Member: Wow. I get it now. See, that was what I was like looking for. I would imagine this is something here… okay so I was doing a practice run but I didn’t really go through it yet. But I’m doing audio and all that stuff and…

Rick: Look at that button, redirect URL. Go back up for a second. I don’t think you’d want to use that button redirect URL.

Member: Which one are you looking at? This one?

Rick: No, the one down below that button, redirect target URL. You don’t want them to be redirected to a page when they click the Add to Cart button or buy now button.

Member: So where would I want them redirected?

Rick: Well, you’d want them… you just want them to go through the normal process. I would get rid of that right there.

Member: Entirely?

Rick: Yeah. You would only do that if you were… if you wanted a fake Buy Now button or fake Add to Cart button. And when they click on it, it takes some place else.

Member: No, I want them to go through the purchase, yeah.

Rick: Right. So that’s why you don’t use that button redirect.

Member: So then just leave this empty for now?

Rick: Yeah, absolutely. And then you need to make sure you’ve got the download in the… the file location in the…

Member: Yes, that was why…

Rick: In the Digital Download section.

Member: Yeah.

Rick: Yeah.

Member: That’s where I go and put in the URL for the digital download, correct?

Rick: Right.

Member: And then this code here is what triggers the association with this because it’s integrated in the plugin but this is encrypted.

Rick: Right.

Member: And so when they click download, they’re clicking this file here which then the plugin tells it, “Okay, I know which one you’re talking about.”

Rick: Right.

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