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Plugin Appears Not to Have Installed Itself in the Correct Location

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This member notices that a plugin appears to have installed itself in the wrong location. She notices that it created folders directly within the wp-content directory. We discuss why plugins might create additional folders outside of the wp-content/plugins directory.

Video Transcript

Rick: Angela says, “I installed the plugin this afternoon but it was when I was in Filezilla. I noticed it wasn’t in the plugin folder but all by itself in the WordPress content area.” Actually, I’m going to… you’re not… your phone’s not working. So I don’t really know what to say about that Angela, but if you installed the plugin using… for example, if you installed the plugin using your dashboard and uploads or upload new plugins… where did that go? You know, add new and upload, it’s always going to put in the right place. It may very well, keep a backup copy someplace else. I just happen to notice that myself here today where on a site that I was working on that under uploads, there were some zip files of plugins that I’d just installed. But it’s not going to have… as long as you install it this way, that’s really the only thing you need to care about. It will automatically install itself under wp content/plugins unless there is something unbelievably wrong.

Okay so you have audio now. So that’s how you did it, Angela?

Angela: Yes. Hi Rick, that’s exactly how I did it.

Rick: Hi.

Angela: Hi. I’m your problem child.

Rick: That’s okay. My other problem children are in college now so it doesn’t matter.

Angela: Well, you don’t have to pay for me.

Rick: Okay.

Angela: So yeah, it’s looking fine on one site. The plugin is where it’s supposed to be. Maybe I should just uninstall it and reinstall it?

Rick: It’s probably… you’re probably just mistaken. It probably is installed where it needs to be.

Angela: No, it’s not. I promise, it’s not.

Rick: But does it work?

Angela: I don’t know yet because I was just going to… it works on one site but that’s installed properly. But in the other site… you know, how I’m moving content over from one to another? Before I did that, I just wanted to practice a little bit. I don’t know. The answer is I don’t know.

Rick: I’d test it to see if it works. If it works then I wouldn’t worry about it. If it doesn’t work then I would uninstall it and delete all this stuff and reinstall it.

Angela: Okay well, I didn’t really do too much with it yet. Would it be a bad idea if I… while I was in Filezilla, if I moved it from where it is and where the rest of the content in to the plugin folder? If I dragged it in?

Rick: Well, are you in a position to show it to me?

Angela: Yeah.

Rick: Okay so then let’s…I just muted you. That’s not what I wanted to do. Okay that is… let’s make you the presenter. Go ahead and show it to me in Filezilla and we’ll see.

Angela: Okay. Now this is supposed to be synchronized. I don’t know why it’s not showing but anyway… can you see?

Rick: I can see, yeah.

Angela: Alright so here, you can see right up here, we’ve got wp content and then there’s my plugin but this is NextGen Gallery and this is another gallery. And I installed them to where…

Rick: Yeah you know, I think… actually, that’s just gallery folder. Open up your plugins folder there.

Angela: Yeah.

Rick: See, it does actually.. . the plugin itself is actually installed correctly. What it’s done is it has… in order to make sure that you can upgrade properly without deleting the images, it has created a folder outside of plugins for storing the gallery images. That’s a normal behavior of plugins.

Angela: How is a person supposed to know that, you know?

Rick: Well, you just ask, I guess.

Angela: Okay.

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