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Which Plugins are Critical for Launching a New Website?

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In this session we talk about which plugins are critical for launching a new website. We talk about why it is important to have an anti-spam plugin like Akismet, a backup plugin like BackupBuddy and a sitemap-generating plugin like Google XML sitemaps. Those are the 3 main absolutely necessary plugins to have on the site for search engine optimization. We also talk about the use of Contact Form 7 as a needed functionality on a site. We discuss how to determine what is needed in a site through the site’s priorities and meeting the business objective.

Video Transcript

Rick: Which plugin should be placed first in order to launch? What do you mean by that?

Member: Well, I have been redoing a blog on a new blog site and so I’m getting started, I’m just setting it up and I want to launch to the public quickly and I know there’s some basic plugins from when I did it before that are more important perhaps than others like, there’s Akismet I’ve got it on here… you know I’m just wondering if there were certain ones that should be put on first before you refine the blog later?

Rick: Well, I think at an absolute minimum, you’ll need an anti-spam plugin, Akismet, you’ll need a backup plugin like backup buddy. You’ll need some kind of a site map generating plugin like Google XML Sitemaps or something like that.

Member: Right, I’ve used that one, yeah.

Rick: I think those are the three main absolutely necessary things you have to have on your site.

Member: Okay

Rick: Well, obviously for search engine optimization…

Member: I was going to use, ain’t there comment 7 or somthing like that?

Rick: Contact form 7?

Member: Yes, that might be it.

Rick: Well, that just depends whether or not you want that functionality. If you want a contact form on your page, then Contact form 7 is the one I recommend because it’s very simple to use and relatively powerful.

Member: But that could wait. I could just use email I support, for a start.

Rick: Yeah, I mean, it’s going to take you an hour at most to learn how to use and implement that and set it up so it’s not a time consuming plugin to learn how to use, but, I think what you really want to ask yourself is “what are my priorities?”, “What roles social media play in the blog?”, Do you have a Facebook page that you actively use?…

Member: No.

Rick: Okay, well then it could be that social media doesn’t play a big role in your strategy and so you don’t have to worry about those. It just depends… I mean we put a lot of effort to social media ourselves but it doesn’t result in much.

Member: Perhaps those sharing ones so people can share…

Rick: Right, but people can share stuff any way, right, they can email URL that kind of stuff… so you have to really ask yourself what functions do these have to have provide in order for it to meet my business objective for it.

Member: Okay

Rick: And once you know what those are, then you want to find the plugins that will do those things.

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