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Help – My Read More Link is Not Showing

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In this session we look at why the Read More link is not showing on a Thesis 2 site. The query box excerpt won’t give you a custom read more if you are using the custom crafted excerpt.

We show how to fix this by using the Agility Custom Read More Link. WordPress and Thesis’ default behavior when there is a custom excerpt is to remove the Read More link but if it is an automatic excerpt, there is a Read More link. The Agility Read More button solves that entirely by putting a Read More link whether WordPress thinks there should be one there or not.

Video Transcript

Member: One thing that I’m having trouble with now is really the Read More boxes right on the well, I’ve gone back and forth between the attention boxes using those query boxes and then the custom… which other box you have that is similar to that.

Rick: Okay, do you have a site for me?

Member: The Read More in the query boxes I’m having a lot of inflexibility in getting them to show right the way I wanted to.

Rick: And so can you give me the site.

Member: Sure. Well, I don’t have the… do you want to put me on so I can show you how it goes?

Rick: Sure, I can do that. Absolutely.

Member: Okay so hit the button to show my screen.

Rick: Uhuh. Okay, I can see it.

Member: Okay, so which screen are you using. The media part of the page because I’ve got 2 monitors…

Rick: I see Connected to GoToWebinar.

Member: Okay, let me…

Rick: You can switch screens on the Show My Screen button it’s got a… it gives you the chance of choosing which screen to show.

Member: Show my… I got you there… screen monitor, okay there you go.

Rick: Okay, I see it.

Member: Okay. Right now here’s what I’m talking about. Now this one I’ve got and I’ll go back and I’ll show you how I got it to… Am I looking for excerpt, yeah I’ve got the WordPress…

Rick: Why aren’t you just using…

Member: I tried to…

Rick: What’s your objective, what are you trying to achieve now?

Member: I just want to show the simple Read More link now. Right now it doesn’t well, I’ve had it off and had it on but you know, see if it…

Rick: Maybe because the link color is the same color as the background if it doesn’t show up.

Member: Ahh.. that’s interesting.

Rick: Yeah, move your mouse down there. Go back to the Skin Editor for a second.

Member: Okay.

Rick: Okay, really.

Member: Left Attention Box

Rick: is the name of the site

Member: Right.


Member: Right.

Rick: Okay, and so here I’m going to make myself the presenter for a second then I’ll probably switch back to you.

Member: Sure.

Rick: So here we are looking at this.

Member: Okay, from here I have to hear it from you.

Rick: Okay. Yeah, you’re right nothing is showing there. Why would that be the case? Okay, it doesn’t look like you’re using any kind of caching.

Member: The only thing I’ve done I’ve gone back and forth between using this main excerpt and into the other custom…

Rick: Oh, I’m sorry. The reason it doesn’t work is because you’re using custom excerpts and Thesis query box excerpt won’t give you a custom Read More if you are using the custom crafted excerpt. So I’m going to make you the presenter again.

Member: Okay. I think this is, no I have to switch back. I’ve gone back and forth so maybe that’s what messed it up.

Rick: Well, you can’t really go back and forth I mean what you can do is you can go to your excerpt. It’s not making a choice here, right. Making a choice here doesn’t solve it. What you have to do, the custom excerpt is the excerpt that you entered on that specific page. Now, the fix for this though is to simply use the Agility Custom Read More Link.

Member: And is that just a separate link?

Rick: No. This probably already went up there.

Member: Oh, to show the Agility Read More right there.

Rick: Right.

Member: Okay.

Rick: Now drag that and drop it into the box. Go back and look at your screen.

Member: There you go. I don’t know…

Rick: Okay so I want you to understand why. Go to the Projects & Events page.

Member: Okay.

Rick: Okay and now go up to edit that.

Member: Bring you there.

Rick: Yeah. I just want you to edit that page. Not the template but the page itself.

Member: Okay, go back I got you.

Rick: Why isn’t your admin bar showing?

Member: Yeah, because… Pages…

Rick: Okay, scroll down and find that custom excerpt.

Member: The custom because I just said I…

Rick: You’re right there. See where it says Excerpt? That is referred to as a custom excerpt now in that you custom crafted it.

Member: Right.

Rick: Well, the WordPress default behavior and Thesis is following along with this is that if you’ve got a custom excerpt there’s no such thing as a Read More link.

Member: I got you. Okay.

Rick: And if it’s an automatic excerpt that is if it takes the first 55 words then there is a Read More link. Now, the Agility Read More button solves that entirely by putting a Read More link whether WordPress thinks there should be one there or not which is why I created the Agility Read More link in the first place.

Member: Cool. I’ve been playing around because I tried okay, do I want to do just by space and count the number of words so I switched back and forth between your custom excerpt by word size and then going back to.. then I finally decided that I need to write it exactly the way I want it but that’s the solution, there you go right there.

Rick: Yeah.

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