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Renaming Images in the Media Library

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A member asks about the best way to rename an image.  You can’t rename the image in the Thesis Media Library so the best way to do this is to rename the image on your computer and then upload the renamed version to your Media Library.

Video Transcript

Great. And then the first simpler question like if I have just a picture of myself, an image whatever and I wanted to change the name of it so as to have my primary keyword in there, how do I do that? Is that just through the WordPress dashboard and go in and just rename the image?

Yeah, exactly.

Oh, okay.

Yeah and you’d want to do it that way because since the… you use the Media Library to upload the image in the first place. So that would be the place to rename the image and the Media Library would let you do it easily if it’s got the wrong name. So if we… well, let’s just go back to Media Library, you know, I could take this image name. I’m not going to actually rename it but I can take this image name and I could… oh, you know what? That’s not true. I guess what I would do would be I would rather rename it on your computer and give it the name you want it to and upload it again and then use that image.

Got it.

I was thinking you had the ability to change the name but you don’t, I guess. Okay, hang on. Edit image, title, alternate text, caption…no, I guess not. I guess it’s what you’d have to do. You’d have to edit it separately on your computer and then reupload it.

Great. Okay, thank you.

Okay, you’re welcome. Okay and so Pam had one more question…oh Brian suggested that maybe I needed a width in order for auto to work. Oh good suggestion. You know, I didn’t know… I didn’t think to try that.

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