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S3Flowshield – A Strategy for a Call to Action at the End of a Video

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In this session, we discuss the different strategies to use for a call to action at the end of a video with a button below for that action. We discuss using shortcodes in the button to determine whether or not the user is a logged in member of the site.

Video Transcript

Rick: Good evening, Angie. How are you doing?

Angie: I’m doing good, Rick. Good to talk to you again today.

Rick: Yeah.

Angie: You’re not tired of me yet?

Rick: Not yet, no. Not yet. So what are we doing?

Angie: Well, I’ve got a couple of videos on the site that we put a test video up in Amazon and it’s… I’ve got it on 2 other course pages or the course posts. So the first 2 posts should come too.

Rick: Hooked rug? Is that one of them? Okay, there you go.

Angie: And so that’s working good. It’s playing fine. Once we get it in the right format, we keep trying to run it on mobile format.

Rick: There it is. Well, perfect. Yeah.

Angie: Yeah.

Rick: How big is the video in its original size?

Angie: You mean, the width and the height?

Rick: Yeah.

Angie: I’m not sure because Claudia uploaded it but we can probably change the settings on the Flow Player.

Rick: Yeah, that’s what I would do. I’d just change the settings so it was nice and big. I mean, as you know from my site, nice, big videos make people happy.

Angie: Yes, yes. And so I guess we can do that and I guess what I’m thinking is next thing into this, this will be one of our free videos. If we pretended it was one of the paid videos, how do we get that pop up at the end of the video?

Rick: Yeah. You know, I told you this morning you could do that but I was mistaken. I was… my mind was conflating a different player with this. You know, the WordPress FV Flow Player has the ability to put a little HTML link at the end but this does not. Now, having said that though, the fix is fairly easy because you could, just at the end of your video you know, have a closing pane at the end of the video, your outro you know, then an arrow pointing downwards saying you know, click below to purchase access to this video or whatever. And then you just have your product button right there and they click on it and it’ll take them to the place where they can sign up and pay all that kind of stuff. And you can have 2 different versions of it, right? You could have one version of it that would display for the free member and another version that would display for the general public. I mean, I’m sorry. One version of it that would display for a…yeah, for a member and then one that would display for the general public so that they would go to 2 different places when they click that button.

Angie: Oh okay. I think I understand but how would I… so one version for the general public and one version for a member. What if someone comes to the site, they’re already a member and they’re a watching a video that they’ve never seen before but they haven’t signed in? So…

Rick: Well you know, you might want to add a little note someplace saying you know, log in or click to purchase, I suppose. You can do it that way.

Angie: Okay.

Rick: And I mean, obviously, the only way you’re going to be able to distinguish between a user is if they’re logged in. And… but you want to make it as easy for them as possible to make the purchase. So you don’t want them to have to fumble around after they click the button. You really want them to push that button and pay their money.

Angie: Right.

Rick: And without anything in between and then you can follow up after that. After they’ve paid, you can follow up with a you know… you know, a member’s going to figure out pretty quickly that you know, the reason why they paid to be a member in the first place was so that they could get the discounted video. And so they’re going to know you know, they’re going to know that they should be logged in so that they can get the discounted price.

Angie: Okay. So basically, what you’re saying is just add a little clip saying “Click below to purchase or to log in”?

Rick: Yeah or click below to… whatever. I mean, whatever the language is but something that makes it very clear what they should do and how they should do it. And then you should make the button nice and big you know, so it’s really clear what the choice is. And then you know, so… not a link, right? But a great, big button like this you know, so it just… big as life, very easy for them to push the button. And then what you do is you would have… you’d wrap the button in the shortcode that says you know, if the person is a member or if the person isn’t a member. So you’d have 2 buttons, each one would be wrapped in a separate shortcode and then depending upon whether they’re… depending on their logged in status, they would either see the discounted button or they would see the full price button.

Angie: Okay, okay. I think…

Rick: I mean, it’s one way to do it. It’s either that or you know, I mean, I’ve got something like that over here too. I’m putting together coaching packages. And so, what I have down here at the bottom is you know, “Here’s the price. If you’re an annual member, here’s the price. If it’s standard…” Now, it’s going to show both prices to everybody but I chose to do it that way. I want the person to say to themselves, “Well you know, the price difference between this and this is less than the cost of annual membership.” So I just…I may as well go get a membership, right? So I want that to be really obvious. If you want to play it down, you could… if I wanted to play down, I could wrap this whole thing in a… well actually, I’m not using WP eMember here but were I using WP eMember, I could wrap this whole thing in those shortcodes so that it would either show this price or this price.

Angie: Okay, okay.

Rick: This is what I meant by great, big arrow and great, big text and big button you know, so it’s… you cannot miss this thing.

Angie: Yeah okay, no you can’t.

Rick: Well, that’s… actually, there are plenty of studies out there about that, that the larger the button…I mean, the easier it is to click the button, the more likely you are going to be both for people to see it and for people to purchase it.

Angie: Right, I understand.

Rick: You know, a little button, in the first place, for some people is difficult for them to hit. You know, once you become a person of a certain age, that little mouse pad thing on a laptop can be an awkward and difficult to manage. And so you know, you find yourself kind of going all over the place, never being able to really hit the button and stay there. So, nice big button, I think, is a good idea.

Angie: Okay.

Rick: Okay?

Angie: That’s something for me to work on this week.

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