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Search Options for a WordPress Website

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We discuss the types of searches available in WordPress websites and the limitations. There is a commercial version of the Google custom search which is an option for websites that need to have a more complete search (it will index all the content on the site).

Video Transcript

But we’re pretty much done here. Pam, did you… I’m turning your microphone back on. Did you have any other stuff you want to chat about here?

No. This is looking really good. I’m wondering about a per word search type function where you could say, “I’m looking for a book by a certain author that has this word in the title.” Or something like that. Maybe that’s too complicated.

Well, the problem with that is that WordPress doesn’t have… and I haven’t found a plugin that will do that.


I have looked all over the place for plugins that have an improved search function where you can search only in a certain kind of post type or you could have a you know, an author search or title search and I just… there isn’t anything that I’d been able to find that does that.

Okay well, that’s good to know.

Yeah, it’s… you know, my site is now so big that it can be difficult to find something on my site. And several months ago, I switched to a different search system that waits search based on you know, the title and then based on meta information and that kind of stuff. So it you know, it returns results by relevance rather than by date which is what typical WordPress does is all it does is it just returns… if there’s a word… if that word is anywhere in the text associated with the post, it returns every post and they’re organized by post id which is essentially by date which is you know, basically, useless. And you know, I’m seriously considering moving to Google custom search on my site because they have a commercial version that I could pay $100 a year for that would allow me to you know, make sure that all of the content on my site is indexed, including the forum and everything else in that Google search. Normally, your Google custom search only searches those pages that Google has in its index and it routinely skips stuff you know, that it doesn’t think is indexing-worthy. But the commercial version will search everything even if it doesn’t show up in Google’s index, it’ll show up in Google’s version of your… your version of Google’s index. And I think that might be a more effective way to search but one other thing we can do is we can install and configure that plugin so that we, at least, get search results return by relevance which I think you’re going to want with 3500 items in your collection.

Yeah, sounds good.

So that’ll go on our to-do list… to add that search ability.


This taxonomy drill down does you know, give us… I mean, it does give some opportunity for sort of multicategory you know, searching.

Yeah, I thought…

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