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Setup WP eStore to Sell Access to Live Webinars

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In this session we show how to setup WP eStore to sell access to webinars. We do this by creating a product specific email with instructions for the buyer to access the Webinar registration link. We also discuss our model for developing content for live webinars which allows us to create content on a schedule and introduces our content to new potential customers.

Video Transcript

Member: Look here, I have this idea and you know, I wanted to share it with you because I was going to see what you think of it. Let’s say, I have a membership site. That’s one aspect, the way I look at it. I’m still building… I’m building. I’m not even creating the content. The content is the…

Rick: Yeah.

Member: So I mean, you have plenty of it. That’s for sure. But let’s say, I have been making the home for the structure of the website. That’s not going to be a problem but yeah, it works. And so people can pay for it. Now, the content. Now, personally, the one person who’s going to… like many others, who’s going to create the content or share the knowledge, I have already… a list of topics that I’m going to create. There’s a lot of them. I have about 800, okay? So I’m going to have to do this. Now I’m thinking, the best way… and actually, that’s… I don’t know if you do this, create the seminars, right? But we can sell the seminar. I mean, you have the title. This is what I’m going to talk about and that’s what you sell. You know, for whatever fee you want to sell. So I’m thinking in those terms of until I develop the content which is probably going to take 6 months, a year… that I can actually be in business by actually teaching online. But here’s… you know, like creating the cover, here’s the seminar.

Let me give you an example. That’s what Marketing Profs do. I don’t know if you are familiar with them, Marketing Profs like professors?

Rick: No.

Member: This is very interesting. You know, they use WordPress and everything but they have a lot of… a lot of people come in these seminars. So they charge for the seminar and trying to get the content you know, create the cover, do the marketing and charge for them.

So in that case, with the WP eStore, let’s say I have a product which is the seminar. They click. They pay. PayPal communicates through WP eStore. And what I’m thinking is the customer or the person who purchases the seminar, an hour or a 2-hour seminar, receives a link. And that link should be the registration link to the webinar.

Rick: Yeah, that’s interesting. And you can definitely do that in the email that you send them because you can put product-specific details you know, with… for example, the registration link to the webinar in the email that they get. Now you might also try putting that registration link in as a digital product and see if that works. I don’t really know. But it might work, right?

Member: Because I was thinking about the same thing that you do. It’s like for your webinars, I register, right?

Rick: Yeah.

Member: And I sign up. But let’s say you know, if I create a product and say, “This is what I’m going to be talking… this is what I’m selling.” Then you pay then you give the link then you register. And of course, it can be free webinars and that’s what…

Rick: Right. Well…

Member: That doesn’t… does it make sense for you or I’m complicating things?

Rick: No, it does make sense. And I think the easiest answer is that you can put that in the email that is sent to them because each product can have its own specific content in the email. So for example you know, we’ll just look at this product right here. In this product under Digital Content Details… oh pardon me. Not Digital Content Details, under Product Specific Instructions to Buyer. You can easily put… you can put a download link right there. You know, you could put a little note that says you know, “In order to register for this seminar you know, click on this link.” And then that would be added to the email that people get.

Member: Okay and then you would be… how would you do that with a webinar? Because that’s what I’m going to be, just like you. It’s like…

Rick: Well you’ve got your webinar registration link, right? When you set up a webinar with AWeber, you get a registration link for that webinar and you would use that registration link here.

Member: For each seminar that you give? Let’s say you… let’s say I give 12 seminars. So I create 12 sessions in a…

Rick: You’d create 12 products and each product would have a registration link. You know, and that registration link would then go to AWeber and they can register.

Member: What do you mean AWeber? Are you talking of webinar or…

Rick: I’m sorry. Not AWeber, I’m sorry.

Member: GoToWebinar.

Rick; GoToWebinar, right. That’s what I meant, yeah. It’ll take them to GoToWebinar.

Member: Alright. So in GoToWebinar, I create a seminar. I give them the link and that link I put in the…

Rick: In the instructions to the buyer and then that would be emailed to them.

Member: Once they pay.

Rick: Along with their receipt. And so all they’ll have to do is click on the registration link and there it is.

Member: What do you think about the idea?

Rick: I think it’s a great idea. I think it’s a very good idea and I think it’ll work and I think it’s easy to do.

Member: Because you know, like I was thinking about testing the market in a sense, you know? I’m doing these for the Spanish market, Spanish speaking market and I think you know, like you can offer free webinars until you build a you know, followers base rather than creating so much content. And you know, I’ll use that time to create content that you know, shows quality or shows…

Rick: Well you know… I mean, that’s what we do here, right? Obviously, our current model for developing content is primarily to find something that we want to teach, offer to teach it live for free, leave it open for people to participate in for a certain period of time and then move it over to the Premium side. And so that does a couple of things. One of them is it gets content created on a schedule. And the 2nd thing it does is it introduces you to you know, new potential customers. And we noticed a significant increase in sales as soon as we started offering free webinars like that. So people come, they do something free and they realize the value and they sign up. That’s what happens to us and it gets the content produced, right? I mean, that is you know, if you go look at our courses right now you know, if we go to the Genesis course that we’re working on… you know, the Genesis course has produced a bunch… I’m sorry, the Genesis course has produced a bunch of videos and in the intervening time, we’ve had those videos transcribed. And so those transcriptions now result in content. You know, so within… not only do we have the video but we have the whole transcription. And so we have all of the content on our site comes… I mean, it either comes from these Live Answers or comes from this.

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