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Shopp – Configuring Different Shipping Options for Different Products

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In this session we discuss the process of configuring different shipping options for different products. This member would like to assign shipping options to specific products and specify the zip code from which the various products are shipped since they are not all shipped from one location. We talk about the issues involved and discuss two different options both of which require custom programming.

Video Transcript

Member: Well, from the beginning, I have a structure that I have. I just started building and it’s going pretty well and so what I’m trying to do… I’ve got essentially 3 suppliers, one in Long Island and one in Nashville.

Rick: For the same product?

Member: For different products.

Rick: Okay, for different products.

Member: Right. So let’s say in Long Island, they service probably a dozen products. In Nashville, it’s the main one. They’re going to be servicing a couple hundred products. In Nashville, they use FedEx exclusively. They ship FedEx ground so… and in Long Island, they use UPS. So what I would love to be able to do, once I get the information from them as far as box sizes and weights and things, I can input that but I would love to be able to assign, for those 12 products in Long Island, a UPS only shipping option so that FedEx doesn’t get opted for those. So that would be great. And I’d like to be able to assign their zip code so from FedEx and UPS, they pull from your zip code. You can only specify, it seems to be, one zip code that you’re shipping from. But the reality is I don’t ship anything. So probably here, I’m asking probably 3 to 4 different questions. But I’m trying to be able to ship from Nashville via FedEx and I’m trying to ship from Long Island via UPS and have those products ship from those zip codes with those carriers.

Rick: Yeah.

Member: You see the dilemma? In Shopp, it seems to only give you like one option and when you go to cart, if I’ve got UPS and FedEx in the system, it brings up all the options. And the problem with that is I can’t get Nashville to ship via UPS, only FedEx. So I’ve got to somehow associate those codes so that at least… because here’s the thing. Once they place the order, I need a somewhat accurate shipping figure from their locale to the customer. It’s not coming from me so I’ll only…

Rick: The problem is that your… that all of the calculations for distance are based on the business address that you enter. And so what you’ll have to be able to do is enter different business addresses or different zip codes for different products and different shippers for different products.

Now you know, I don’t think this is a trivial problem to solve but I think conceptually, you would probably need to add some custom post meta to the products where you could determine which shipper was going to be used. And you might even want to put the… well, you’re either going to hard code the origin zip code or you’re going to put the origin zip code in with the product. And then when the product is… when you get to that checkout section where they set up, where they choose their shipping options then you selectively choose the shipping based on which shipping you’ve indicated in your product meta is going to be appropriate.

Now because Shopp uses a post type, it’s not hard to add custom post meta to that post type and it’s probably not even hard to add the field you know, for you to be able to enter that information in for the product. The tricky part is going to be intercepting the shipping calculation based on the shipping calculations zip code. Now maybe, the way to do it is to hack the shipping files and rather than… and simply define the variable for the location, hard code it into the shipping files and then all you have to do is determine which shipper to use.

Member: Can we add check off boxes, UPS or FedEx at the time where we’re at the field where we’re entering you know, the shipping information right then and there? It would be great to have to click off one or the other and then even have a zip code field right there where it’s shipping from and it pulls it all at one time. Is there a way to do that?

Rick: Well, I think there probably is a way to do that. I haven’t ever done it before. I mean, I haven’t done anything that complex before because what you’re really trying to do is interfere with… or you’re trying to interrrupt a couple of different systems you know, in order to make it work. But it certainly is… I mean, it seems to me like that it’s possible to do. But it’s not a trivial programming task. What programming experience do you have?

Member: Oh none, you know?

Rick: Okay.

Member: I’m a sales person. I’ve started my own business and I’ve put this site together on my own. I’ve gotten this far but that’s not like I can do that.

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