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Should I Move my Site to Thesis 2?

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In this session we answer the question, “Should I move my site to a Thesis 2?” and we discuss the different interfaces in Thesis 2. There’s really no reason to move to Thesis 2 right away from an existing site unless you intend to redesigning the site. We also discuss the skin that we have now created that will automatically make any site responsive.

Video Transcript

Rick:  Lisa, I’ve just unmuted your microphone. How are you doing, Lisa?

Lisa:  Hi, I’m good. Can you hear me?

Rick:  I can hear you very well, yes.

Lisa:  Okay. This is a very useful class and…

Rick:  Of course it is. I’m teaching it.

Lisa:  I know. But I still have some questions that are sort of, I think structural at the very front end.

Rick:  Okay.

Lisa:  I’ve got a bunch of sites that I built with Thesis 1.8.

Rick:  Yeah?

Lisa:  So… and the interface is completely different in 2.0. So I think it’s going to take me a moment to get the hang of the new interface and I’m wondering, strategically how to go about this.

Rick:  Well strategically, I wouldn’t update any site that you weren’t changing the style of. There’s no reason for you to upgrade from 1.85 to 2.0 until you are ready to change the style of the site.

Lisa:  So there’s no way which is… is there anything that I need to you know like… there’s no errors or anything that are getting fixed with 2.0? It’s not a bump thing?

Rick:  2.0 is really an entirely different thing, works entirely differently than 1.85 does. That’s what it really is. There’s no clear upgrade path from 1.85 to 2.0. You have to learn everything new and you start from scratch. So there’s no reason to do that on an existing site until you’re ready to redesign that site.

Lisa:  So the biggest reason I was thinking of you know, bumping up some of these sites is that I thought 2.0 was responsive to mobile devices in a way that 1.8 is not. Is that accurate?

Rick:  No, it’s not accurate. 2.0 is a blank canvas and the artist makes it responsive or not. But 2.0 is really just a canvas. And if you want to start off with a responsive skin, you want to wait a couple of weeks and use the skin I’m creating for members to do just that. And then it will automatically be responsive and all you have to do is change out stuff that you like and…

Lisa:  Well, I’ll be happy to wait and have you do the work.

Rick:  Yeah.

Lisa:  So… but I’m correct at thinking that the 1.8 sites are not automatically responsive, correct?

Rick:  No, they’re not.

Lisa:  Alright. So I just need to wait a few weeks and look for an email from you.

Rick:  Yeah well, I’m going to be teaching the beginner class again and beginner class, I mean you know, how to create a professional website using Thesis. I’m going to be teaching that class here starting in a week or so. And in order for me to teach that class, I need to have my skin in place because I’m going to teach it based on that skin. So that when people are done with that class, they’ll have their own customized version of a responsive skin.

Lisa:  Alright. And that’ll be like a series like 8 or 10 weeks or something?

Rick:  There’ll be an 8-week series on it, yeah.

Lisa:  Okay, alright.

Rick:  Most of which you don’t need. You really don’t need very much of it. I mean, it’s a beginner series so it’s how to create a post, how to create a page, how to make a menu, how to organize your site. It’s going to be all that stuff.

Lisa:  Alright.

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2 comments… add one
  • M.K Perkins November 23, 2012, 2:01 pm

    Hi Rick. I’m so glad I found your site. I built my website in Thesis 1.8 a long time ago with much trial and error in preparation for the publication of my novel, Deadly Play, which finally hit the shelves on Oct 15th. I now need to tweak the site in order to link to Amazon, BN, and other places where readers can find the book. I’d also love to add a banner above the navigation menu that mimics my Facebook page, but I don’t know how to do it. I actually bought the Thesis 2.0 update when it was first announced, but I haven’t installed it, which from reading your blog posts, sounds like a good thing. Do you know if I can get a refund for thesis 2.0? Should I join BYOB if I stay with Thesis 1.8? You mentioned Thesis 1.85 – is it a good idea to upgrade to that? Help! I am feeling so lost at this point. Many thanks in advance for your help. My best, M.K. Perkins

    • Rick Anderson November 23, 2012, 2:27 pm

      MK, If you already owned Thesis 1.8, you didn’t need to purchase 2.0. 2.0 comes free to all current owners of Thesis 1.x. So in terms of a refund, you might want to explore that regardless of which version you ultimately end up using.

      I think everyone should join BYOBWebsite regardless of which Thesis they use. Personally I love Thesis 2 and I wouldn’t consider using anything else to create a new site. However for existing sites it may be the case that the learning curve isn’t worth the effort. In any case if you stick with Thesis 1.x you can use my plugins to add banners and stuff like that. If you do that, you should upgrade to Thesis 1.8.5 and WordPress 3.4.2.

      Maybe the best way to make a decision is to watch the Beginner’s Guide to the Thesis Skin Editor, and then What’s New in Thesis 2.0. That will give you a flavor of what you will need to learn once you choose to use Thesis 2. Then you should watch some of the videos on how to use my Thesis 1.85 plugins to see if learning to do what you want with those seems like it will be easier.

      Finally you should watch the soon to be published seminar on how to upgrade from Thesis 1.85 to Thesis 2. It was a 4 hour seminar that dealt with the process in depth.