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Should I Upgrade to Thesis 2.1 or Stick with 1.8.5?

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In this session we talk about whether a member should upgrade to Thesis 2.1 or stick with 1.8.5. Thesis 2.1 and Thesis 1.8.5 don’t do things the same and we show some of the differences. We also suggested watching some videos on Thesis Theme 2 Seminars like Thesis 2.1 Launch Party, Thesis 2.1 for DIY Website Builders and Thesis 2.1 for Web Design Professionals which are all free.

Video Transcript

Member: I created my website using 1.8.5 and I want to upgrade to the latest and greatest but I’m having a hell of a time will have ask questions and I’m just a basic user, right. I don’t have all the technicalities… and I’ve asked the DIY forum and the answers that I’m getting are just rarely clear for a basic user like me so, what’s the easiest way to upgrade to the latest version?

Rick: Don’t. (laughs)

Member: right

Rick: Well, no, that’s the easiest way. Unless you are changing what your site looks like, there’s no reason for you to switch. Thesis 1.8.5 is a completely different piece of software than 2.1.

Member: Okay.

Rick: So, there’s no easy way to go from one to the other, right, it’s not like a typical upgrade process with the typical theme because 2.1 is really only related to Thesis 1.8 by the word “Thesis”. Otherwise, it does everything differently, it doesn’t do anything the same.

Member: Okay, because my main concern is I’m just afraid that maybe somewhere down the road they’ll stop supporting 1.8.5 and then eventually, I’ll have to upgrade anyway.

Rick: Well, the thing is that if you want to upgrade because you want to learn how it works so that you can be using the latest and greatest then you just need to give yourself some time to learn how it works. Can you give me the URL of your site?

Member: Yeah, I’ll do that, I’ll type it in right now…

Rick: Okay

Member: and this is a basic site, I mean, it’s not even fancy, it’s just a very minimalist site…

Rick: Well, it might mean you don’t have to learn very much, and maybe that’s very easy to recreate in Thesis 2.1 because that’s what you have to do, you have to recreate it.

Member: Yeah, like I said, I mean the answers that I’ve gotten just weren’t very helpful and I’m not blaming them, it’s just, like I said, I’m not very technical…

Rick: Now, it doesn’t look like there’s anything here…

Member: No, I haven’t done anything to it. I mean, well this is pretty much the way I want it to look…

Rick: Oh, okay. Well, this will be very easy for you to accomplish. The way you added these fonts, you’ll add them to your Thesis 2.1 in very much the same way. And this orange border at the top and the orange border at the bottom, again, you’ll use a little bit of custom CSS to get this…

Member: right

Rick: Let’s see what did you do… body.custom { , so your custom CSS file. Really, all you have to do is copy this code, delete the .custom and paste it to Thesis 2.1 custom CSS and it will work.

Member: Okay

Rick: So a lot of the stuff that you’ve done here is going to be quite easy. Now, you’ve got a bunch of extra CSS in here that doesn’t look like it’s necessary at least for what you’re working on.

Member: Yeah, like I said, I’ve been working on it here and there and I’ve deleted some stuff and I haven’t really done much since…

Rick: Yeah, okay. So you have a very basic design and it should be pretty easy for you to get very close to this existing design with classic responsive and a little bit of learning.

Member: Okay

Rick: Because really, all this is, is you set the link color to orange…

Member: right

Rick: Everything else is black. You go ahead and set the widths of your columns here, you’re going to include the custom fonts the same way you did before. Let’s see where is that…. recent posts…. custom sidebar h query… where is the font definition? Is this a cufon font?

Member: Oh gosh I don’t remember…

Rick: I think it must be a cufon font…

Member: I think that particular… if I recall correctly, I think that’s called Lobster or something…

Rick: Oh, Lobster! Alright, well Lobster doesn’t require a font… so, you can select that from the Thesis Design Option. So, this should be very easy for you to do based on really, I mean, I don’t know, have you watched the introductory videos that I did on Thesis 2.1?

Member: No, are they free?

Rick: Yeah.

Member: (laughs) Ok, I’ll check them out then

Rick: Yeah, you should watch the…. So, if you go over to seminars and look under Thesis Theme 2 Seminars, you’ll see that the launch party videos are free. The Thesis 2.1 for DIY Website Builders are free and the Thesis 2.1 for Web Design Professionals are free.

Member: Okay

Rick: Really, you’re going to get almost everything you need out of this first set.

Member: Okay, so the launch party… basically, all three free videos?

Rick: Yeah, this will probably be more technical than you need, the Thesis 2.1 for the Web Design Professionals. Maybe you’d get some benefit out of the website builder ones. Where almost everything you’re going to do is actually here at the launch party.

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