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Static Site Plus a WordPress Blog or Just a WordPress Site?

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In this session we discuss how to choose a site format between a Static site plus a WordPress Blog or just a WordPress site. We also talk about what the advantages and disadvantages are with each to help you consider which would work well for you.

Video Transcript

Jeff, I’m going to unmute your microphone here for a moment. Do you have a microphone?

Yes, I do.

Good morning, Jeff. How are you doing?

I’m very well. How are you?

I’m doing great. Okay so you had 4 questions. Would you like to talk about that a little further?

The first question is whether I’ll do a static website and include a blog or website and separate blog in WordPress.

Sure and you know, I can’t think of a good reason for doing them separately unless what you want is a website that has you know, your main domain name and then secondly, a website or and then secondly, you have sort of like a subdomain called blog. So for example, actually, my own or one of my architecture sites that is not really being used or maintained right now but nevertheless, still exists is . And okay so this is a straight HTML website that I created a few years ago and then I have a WordPress blog and by clicking on this link, it takes you over to the blog. And I guess the thing to say about that is that it’s essentially on a subdomain so it’s and then

And if there’s a reason why you want that sort of a format then it’s a fairly easy thing to do.
So if you’ve already got a website for example, and you want to add a blog then sure, create a subdomain of your main domain and add blog to it and then install the WordPress in your blog subdomain. However, if you’re starting from scratch, unless you really want that distinction between the site and the blog, I don’t think there’s any reason to do them separately. You know, actually a blog is sort of an artificial distinction because my entire website is run on WordPress and only a small fragment of the website actually is contained under the title blog and only a small fraction of the site’s contents are in the blog and all the rest of site’s contents are you know, all still managed and handled by WordPress. But they don’t look blog-like.

I’m going to unmute your microphone here for a second now. Does that make sense?

It really does. It’s a great help. I think what I’ll do is I’ll just include like you’ve done, a blog in the main site. I was purely thinking in the point of view of upgrading it in Google, seeing some people… change more often…

Well you know, I mean I think it’s easier to upgrade and to maintain a WordPress website than it is a standard HTML website. And so, if you keep them together, if you keep them as essentially one site and your blog posts are in one part of the site but the whole thing is managed by WordPress, ultimately, you’re going to find that to be a lot simpler. I mean, if you’re an old HTML master you know, and you want to stick with the straight HTML stuff, I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that. But in terms of maintenance and management, it’s an awful lot easier to maintain and manage a WordPress site than it is to do that with a combination. You know, perhaps the most obvious example is simply the branding. A header, navigation, footer, that kind of stuff… you know, you only have to define that one time in WordPress. And then anytime you change that definition, it changes it across the site. If you maintain two, obviously you’ll have one mechanism for doing the branding and the HTML site and other mechanism for doing the branding in the WordPress site. And so you just have that additional work to do.

Also, there’s a little bit more automation associated with for example, navigation menus. If you’re going to create a navigation menu from scratch in HTML, you have make sure that the link that you’re pasting in there is correct in order for the link to actually work. But in WordPress, you’re not pasting links to create you know, a menu item. All you’re doing is selecting the actual page and you don’t need to get the link right. All you have to do is make sure you’ve selected the right thing from the list and as long as you select the right thing from the list, it’s going to show up correctly all the time. So there are some… I think, from my standpoint, even when I’m creating or if I’m creating a straight static site, I personally still create that with WordPress simply because it’s a very simple tool.

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