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Strategies and Tools for Creating a Squeeze Page or Opt-in Page

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In this session we discuss some strategies and tools needed for creating a squeeze page or an opt-in page. The specific context for this member is creating a squeeze page for a membership site. We begin by asking “What is the purpose for the page?” and “How you plan to interact with the information collected?”. Then we discuss the elements and tools that can be used.

Video Transcript

Mark: Great, good to be with you.

Rick: Good to be with you. So what’s your question?

Mark: Well, I’m trying to get… I’m working my way towards the marketing launch of my site, Scholarship Express. And one of the things that I need to qualify is the initial page for the first time visitors come and my thought was to have a squeeze page of sorts that launches a small form that asks you know, just a few qualifying questions. It’s a membership site with a S2 membership. So one of the things that I want to do is integrate a squeeze page for first time visitors. And I just don’t know for sure how… the right sequence to go about doing that.

Rick: Well and so what is the squeeze page do? What’s the business purpose for it? Why do you want it?

Mark: I want people to provide some information that tells me a little bit about them. I want people to… there to be enough information by the time they come to that page, that they’re predisposed to fill out the form, submit their email and whether I ask at that time that they have a log, had provided a login or I provide login information for them or I would determine that. But it’s like I want for the… their IP to be identified as a first time visitor and for this screen to pop up and ask them some questions before they have limited access to the site.

Rick: Okay so you know…

Mark: It’s

Rick: Okay, .us. There are a bunch of you know, elements to this question.

Mark: That’s why I get…

Rick: Sure. And so I mean, you have… one part of it is perhaps the email contact where you have an email list that you send marketing emails to regularly or information emails or newsletters or whatever. So you’ve got an email list element to it. You’ve got spam registration protection element to it. You have you know, site registration access element to it and then you’ve got something that’s a little less clear to me which is what kind of information you want to capture besides their email address and how you intend to use it.

Mark: Right. Well, there are basically 3 areas of scholarships that we could be most effective with and that’s high schoolers transitioning to college, adults that want to return to college, and I should say that in the high school level, there’s an academic feature and athletic feature. So those are the 3 of the high school academics or athletics or the adult that’s returning to school to continue their degree, pursue their degree after associates or bachelors.

Rick: And so… and you want them to… based on the choice that they make whether they’re one of those 3 groups. Are you planning on communicating with them automatically or are you planning on communicating with them individually personally? You’ll get an email from them and you’re personally going to sit down and write an email back and in response to their sign up.

Mark: Yes.

Rick: Is it that or is it going to be automatic?

Mark: Well, it may… I’m going to have an auto responder just to acknowledge their interaction but it will be formally followed up with a phone call or email.

Rick: Okay so then the… I mean, it sounds like what you want to accomplish, you can do using a plugin like Contact Form 7, C Form 7.

Mark: Okay, I’m familiar with that.

Rick: Contact Form 7 will create an auto response. It will collect data and email that data to you and it will…

Mark: I’ve also got Mail Chimp integrated at the current time into it. That’s where I get… that’s one of the intersections that I have… I wanted to hopefully get your insight from. It was whether I stick with the Contact Form 7 or go to Mail Chimp feature that they provide.

Rick: Well, if you’re using Mail Chimp as your email marketing system then it’s probably best to use Mail Chimp to capture all that information. And you know, I haven’t done this in Mail Chimp so I’m not absolutely certain it’s possible but I do believe that you can create custom input fields for a form in Mail Chimp. And so the nice thing about using Mail Chimp or AWeber for this is that it requires a double opt in or it weeds out all the spam and spam user signups. And once you’ve got them in that list, you can keep on communicating with them easily.

Mark: Right.

Rick: And so you… and in fact, you can use that… your auto responder to direct them to a registration page where once they’ve confirmed you know, once they’ve filled out their form and confirmed their email address, you could direct them to a registration page on your site that allows them to sign up for a free account that is otherwise hidden. What I teach… I mean, I’m not familiar with S2 Member but what I teach with WP eMember is that you use an auto responder to prequalify somebody who’s registering for a free account. And so they think they’re clicking on a register button but what they’re really doing is they are sending… they are confirming their email address and confirming their subscription to the email list. If they don’t… when they do that, they’re automatically directed to a hidden registration page and if they don’t do that, they’re never directed. There’s no way for them to register for a free account. So you automatically get rid of all those spam user signups and you can prequalify… well, you prequalify people who are signing up for a registration.

If you have… and I think that’s an effective way to essentially have a gatekeeper that provides access to a free membership but prevents all the spam signups. And then also gets them directly into a mailing list that you can continue to mail to.

Mark: Right. How about the feature that initiates the initial prompting of that screen? I notice you have… and it’s on your videos about having alternate headers and different headers or layouts for different pages. But in my thinking, this first time visitor, I liked the… I know it sounds intrusive but this pop up qualifying screen feature, do you know something like that?

Rick: Well you know, I don’t have a recommendation for a pop up plugin like that. AWeber you know, I don’t know if Mail Chimp has them or not but AWeber does. You can actually install AWeber’s sign up form or any of their customize forms as a pop up that will automatically open up you know, after sombody has been on a page for a certain period of time. And you know, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mail Chimp…

Mark: Yeah, I think Mail Chimp does have it.

Rick: So you could try something like that. I personally never signed up for those but if you hear that people say that that’s an effective way to increase signups… but I don’t really know how effective it is. I don’t like them so I just don’t use them.

That’s why I wanted to get your thoughts on that because like I say, it is like you acknowledged, it’s kind of intrusive and off putting. But it… that, right now, we’re just trying to build this little business and we’d like just many high qualified leads to work with rather than a lot of mediocre leads.

So the trick here is to offer them something of value to sign up. I mean, everybody and their brother wants them to give them their email address. So wa tyou have to do is figure out what is it that you have or that what is it that you can give away in exchange for that email address that is valuable for them to want to part with their information.

Mark: Okay.

Rick: And if you can figure out what that is, the chances are you won’t have any difficulty getting people signing up.

Mark: Right.

Rick: You know, it might be a little webinar that you record or a little video that you record or an ebook that you write or you know, a white paper or you know, it’s just some piece of information that is sufficiently valuable to them that they will want it and will want to give you their information in exchange for it.

Mark: Yeah, I’ve got a provision for that, for just that.

Rick: Well and one of our members is a real estate agent and he wasn’t… he does the same thing. He wants to qualify the people who give them their information. So he has a list of different freebies that he gives away and that list is targeted. So one thing is first home buyer and another thing is a you know, a step up home buyer and a thrid one is a you know, a rental investment buyer. And so he’s got 3 diferent or some number of different information products specifically related to that market. And when a person clicks on that to get it, they’re automatically added to his list that is related to those kinds of buyers.

So you might do the same thing. You might have… if you’ve got 3 different types of typical perspective customers then you might have a sign up form for the student, the student athlete and for the returning adult. And each one of those forms delivers a different product. And the come on for the person is you know, product that’s targeted to their specific situration. Does that make sense?

Mark: Got it. Oh yeah, absolutely.

Rick: Well, I think that that you know, I mean, I personally have not done that because I really only have one thing to sell. But you know, in your situation it seems to me like you probably could come up with sufficiently different sounding information product in any case you know, for each specific market. And then in that case, you almost don’t even need to collect too much information. Just maybe a phone number and email address and a name because they’ve already said where they fit by the choice they made and what they want to download.

Mark: Yeah, I got a few scenarios that fit that methodology.

Rick: Okay well, does that help?

Mark: I appreciate it. Yeah, I’ll save another topic that I… a couple other topics that I have for a future time.

Rick: Well, we’ll be back tonight and we’ll be back agani tomorrow morning so there’ll be plenty of time.

Mark: Okay, great.

Rick: Okay?

Mark: I appreciate it.

Rick: You betcha, Mark. Have a good day.

Mark: Alright, Rick.

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