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Styling Sidebar Menus in Thesis 2

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In this session we demonstrate how to style sidebar menus in Thesis 2 by changing the class of the sidebar menu that is interfering the styles that we want to apply. We talk about installing the Widgets Reloaded plugin to be able to change the class of the widget menu.

Video Transcript

Member: So, now another menu issue. If you go to say, the Products page, go to New Releases, there’s actually something on that.

Rick: Okay.

Member: So, I need to style this, we talked about this, I had all these different sidebar menus.

Rick: Yes.

Member: I’m trying to find the right selector so that I can style that differently from the responsive menu.

Rick: Well, don’t use .menu

Member: Right.

Rick: For the class for this menu.

Member: I use the menu_products menu, is that the right one?

Rick: Well let’s see, ul id, well it still got a class of menu though. It’s this class of menu that is doing that.

Member: Right, I understood that.

Rick: So, you could either change this so it doesn’t have the class of menu or you could change this so that it doesn’t have a class of menu or so that its style is based on the wrapper .menu, right? Actually, it doesn’t look like you do have a, no, it is class=”menu”. You could change this class=”menu” to something else or you could change this class=”menu” to something else but right now, the class=”menu” is interfering.

Member: So how do I change that?

Rick: Well, if you are working on your menu here, you just click on this and give it a different class.

Member: Oh. But now could I give the sidebar menu a different…

Rick: Yes. Is your sidebar menu used inside using a widget?

Member: Yes.

Rick: Okay. So then what you need to do is use a…

Member: So I created a package.

Rick: Well, but you need to install the Widgets Reloaded plugin and Widgets Reloaded will let you change the class of the widget menu so it doesn’t say .menu because right now, the standard WordPress 1 automatically adds the class .menu.

Member: Okay. Well then in the case, go back and will change the top menu.

Rick: On the other hand though, you can also just use this menu above the sidebar, right? You can put it just right above the widget area because that’s where it is anyway. You don’t have anything above this sidebar anyway, you may as well just drag a menu. Actually, I see though, because you don’t want to change it in the template.

Member: I’m not even putting this in the template.

Rick: Right. No, that’s what I would do, is I would use that plugin, Widgets Reloaded and then change the class for the sidebar menu, that’s what I would do.

Member: Instead of just changing the class on the top menu for the moment?

Rick: Yes.

Member: Any particular reason?

Rick: Well, you’ve already got that menu styled, you would have to change the package and the box. You have this sort of automatic default styling that happens with .menu just because you’ve got stuff in here and if you just change the class of the widget you’re never going to affect any other menu.

Member: Yes, that’s true. Okay.

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