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The Difference between Post and Pages

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In this beginner series we are exploring all the aspects of the WordPress and Thesis interface. In this video we explain the difference between Posts and Pages in WordPress. A post is content that you can categorize and tag and then sort through by categories, tags and dates. A page is content that does not take categories or tags but does have hierarchy (parent and child pages). We explain the difference in depth and then describe why you might use both of them for your site.

Video Transcript

Okay I think for the next few minutes, I’m going to talk a little bit about the difference between posts and pages. This, I think, is confusing sometimes for new users of WordPress. And a post is a unitive content that you can categorize and that you can tag and that you can sort through by categories and tags and by date whereas a page is a unit of content that does not take categories or tags but does take hierarchy.

And so, for example, as you’ve seen before, a page can be a parent page of another page which can be a parent page of another page so you can have many levels of hierarchy inside of pages whereas in posts, there is no hierarchy nor opportunity for hierarchy in a post. A post is not… cannot be a subpost of another post. Posts are sequential pieces of content that follow one after the other and that by definition, are organized by date so with the latest post being displayed first.

For example, on my site, this is the latest post that I created, How to Add a Header Image to Thesis 1.8. And as the latest post, it shows up before the post before that which was WordPress and Thesis as a Complex CMS which then shows up before these other posts. And every time I add a new post, it shows up on my blog page as the top post whereas pages don’t work that way at all. Pages are… have no relationship to a date organization. Certainly, you know how… what date a page was created but they don’t have… you can’t… you don’t have a display of pages which shows your latest page first and your next page 2nd and your next page 3rd. What you have is pages showing up the way in… potentially in the hierarchy in which they are created.

So for example, I have a page called Video Tutorials and as a subpage, I have a page called Beginner Tutorials. And so the video tutorials page looks like this. Now, it’s going to be changed soon. But then, as a subpage perhaps, we have Start Building Your Website Here and then as a subpage of that, we have Lesson 1. So Video Tutorials, Start Building Your Website Here, Lesson 1 and these are all profile pages and they fall within this hierarchy. And if you look under my pages, you’ll see them. You’ll have to ignore the fact that for some reason or another, WordPress 3.1 is messing with me view of this yet. But you know, inside of Video tutorials, I have a subpage called Beginner Tutorials and a subpage called Intermediate Tutorials and a subpage called Building eCommerce Website. And each of those are subpages of the Video Tutorials page. Lesson 1 is a subpage of the Build an eCommerce Website page. And so, you have this hierarchical organization which, if you go to Posts, does not exist. Under Posts, every page… every post is on exactly the same level and any kind of hierarchy that you can express for a post comes actually from the category it’s in. The categories have hierarchy even though the post themselves do not.

So really, posts and pages are different ways of organizing and displaying specific types of content. And for a typical business website you know, most of your pages are going to pages. And it makes sense to have most of your stuff as pages and then posts would be something that you just add intermittently whereas on a blog, you may have only a couple of pages but your posts are something that you are constantly posting too because the main purpose of the site is a blog. Or you have a system like mine which is a combination where I have both… I have lots of new blog posts and constantly growing number of pages and they both essentially grow together where you can see I have 318 posts and 102 pages. And so it’s an immediate hybrid of both of those things.

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