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The Difference Between Thesis 1.8.4 and Genesis 1.8.0

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In this session, we discuss the fundamental differences between Thesis and Genesis. We focus on the amount of time and work it takes to achieve a certain level of appearance and how much customization and flexibility are built into the themes.

Video Transcript

Member: Okay and then so at this point, unless you have anything else you want to add, I just wanted to mention something about Genesis and then I’ll get off because I know people are waiting behind me.

Rick: Sure.

Member: I know that we’ve had a couple of emails go back and forth, Genesis versus Thesis, etc. I just want to say that I have watched, probably at this point, hundreds of your videos. There is no way that I even would have been able to do Genesis without the foundational teaching that I had from you on Thesis. With regards to Thesis versus Genesis, I just wanted to say that at this point, I think I like Thesis better. I think that Thesis, especially for someone who is a beginner now… maybe people differ on this but I just think Thesis is simpler. Maybe it’s because I’ve had you to hold my hand along the way but if I were starting from scratch, I would prefer Thesis. But if you were going to do videos on both of them, I can’t even imagine what videos you’d have to do but…

Rick: Well, we’re going to do videos on both of them. I mean, sort of the fundamental difference between and Genesis is that Genesis comes with very well-designed child themes that as long as you understand the recipe and fortunately for me, they don’t do a very good job of describing the recipe which means there’s a room for me to make a living here.

Member: That’s good.

Rick: As long as you follow the recipe, you can get a very professional looking website relatively quickly. Now your AgencyPress website, it’s going to look very much like somebody else’s AgencyPress website, right?

Member: Right.

Rick: But having said that, having this ability to create this same site in Genesis would be very difficult. In Thesis it would take a lot of work, a lot more work than it would in Genesis and it’s because this is baked in to Genesis. You have a very specific recipe for making it work. This is a demo site that I’m going to be using for teaching the class starting April 15th and really, I think the fundamental difference between Thesis and Genesis is that this kind of a thing is actually very quick to set up once you know what the system is and it’s much quicker to set up than Thesis is to get to the same level of completion. Plus, Genesis, their child themes are now responsive so you can see what happens here to this as the screen gets smaller and as the screen gets smaller. I mean, the site responds to the width of the browser window, therefore the site responds to the size of the iPhone or the iPad or the Android device or whatever in a way that Thesis really doesn’t do yet.

On the other hand, you don‘t have any choice in Genesis on how big your fonts are or what font style you use or what the colors are. The choices are very, very limited. But once you follow its prescription, you can have a very complete looking site. Now this is the Agency theme in Genesis with a different background image.

Member: This site we’re looking at right there, the Learn to Build a Website Like This? That’s a Genesis theme.

Rick: Yeah, this is a Genesis theme and it’s the Agency child theme in Genesis. The Genesis Agency child theme really looks like… oh let’s see, where did it go? Agency theme by StudioPress. I mean, this is what they say it looks like, just like that. And well, I’ve very lightly customized, that is, I customized without using any code you know, turned it into this. Anyway, I think the fundamental difference between Thesis and Genesis is that Genesis has a bunch of recipes called child themes that you can have a very professional-looking, although similar to everybody else who’s using the child theme, but a very professional-looking and functioning site with less effort. Thesis, if you want to have a very customized-looking site, Thesis has a whole bunch more flexibility, sort of baked into it.

Member: Right. Agreed. But that’s why I’m saying that I do think there’s room for you to expand your business because for someone like me who is learning Thesis… I’m learning Thesis for It’s my music site. And that, I want to have custom as much as possible. But then when I want to get something done very ostensibly, very quickly, then I can put up one of those Genesis themes. But still, if the learning curve on it, those videos, they really stink and it’s just me.

Rick: Yeah, I totally agree. They don’t yet understand the difference between a programmer and a regular individual small business user which is great for me. I’m glad that that’s the case. Because if they understood that difference then I wouldn’t have a potential business.

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