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The Dynamic Content Gallery VS The NextGen Gallery

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This member asks about the difference between the Dynamic Content Gallery plugin and the NextGen Gallery. He wonders if I recommend one over the other. I describe the function of the Dynamic Content Gallery and compare it to the NextGen Gallery.

Video Transcript

And let’s see, so then Jared asks, “What is a dynamic content gallery compared to the NextGen gallery or other media gallery?” And do I recommend NextGen? Yes, I do recommend NextGen and in fact, I’m going to do some lessons on how to use NextGen and I might actually even do those… start doing those lessons next week in this early… in the beginner session if people are interested. NextGen is a very powerful free plugin for managing content galleries. But it does not do what the NextGen gallery does. The NextGen gallery is the gallery that produces this here…produces this rotating slideshow which in this site in particular, I’ve configured as a featured products slideshow. And what it does… it was originally designed or it’s primarily intended as a recent post plugin so it will show the most recent post from the number of categories that you set up or it will show the… it’ll show, like I’ve done here, banners that take you to specific pages. So it can be used for any number of things. It’s not a good tool for just having a slideshow that just shows images because it’s really intended to for you to click on it, for you to a specific page rather than just showing images. But it’s very powerful. It has lots of different potential customization and in fact, I have a number of video tutorials on how to use a dynamic content gallery on the site. So it’s a very powerful tool and yes, there is no reason why you can’t use the dynamic content gallery and the NextGen gallery together. While they both say gallery in their names, they do 2 different things and they don’t conflict with each other at all so it’s not really a problem.

But I’ll start off next week with some basic tutorials on how to use the NextGen gallery because actually, I have a variety of people who have asked this question and it’s been on my list for a long time to do. And so, we’re going to do that.

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