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The NextGen Gallery Plugin – Part 2 – Add the First Image

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This is the second in a series of lessons on how to use the NextGen Gallery Plugin for WordPress. In this lesson we add our first image to the gallery. This requires us to create our first gallery as well.

Video Transcript

So this is the gallery’s dashboard. You can see I have no images, no galleries, and no albums. So there’s absolutely nothing here. Now, there are essentially 2 organizational units in NextGen. There are the galleries and there are albums. Galleries are collections of images. Albums are collections of galleries.

So an image has to be inside of a gallery so if we say upload pictures right now, the very first thing it’s going to do is take us to add a new gallery. So I’m going to add a new gallery and that gallery is called Camp Muir Barbecue. And you can see that it is going to go… it’s going to create a folder inside of wpcontent/gallery/… this name right here. Now, I don’t know if I can actually… you know, this is suggesting to me that I need to put… well, let’s just see what happens. That might not be a valid name. Let’s add it and see what happens. Okay, choose a gallery… Camp Muir Barbecue. I guess that worked fine, okay.

So now we’re going to upload an image to Camp Muir Barbecue and on my desktop, I have a thing called sample images and the Camp Muir Barbecue and we’ll start with this and open it. And upload the image… oh, we didn’t choose a gallery. Hopefully, that still works. No gallery selected. Alright, okay so let’s choose our gallery. Camp Muir Barbecue then we’ll browse, try that again. Upload the image, okay. And now, we’ve uploaded one image to our gallery. If we go look at our galleries or we just go back to Manage Gallery here for a second here. We have our Camp Muir Barbecue and it has one image in it and perfect, so we could put a description here, we’ve already got our path in there and we’ve got an image.

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