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The Pros and Cons of Using the Multimedia Box for YouTube Videos

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In this session, we discuss how and where to put YouTube videos in your Thesis Website so that it won’t affect the loading speed of your site. It doesn’t matter if you put your YouTube video in the multimedia box or in the sidebar for a faster page load, what matters is the method of adding the video. You need to use the iframe version of the code so that it will load synchronously with the page. Then we discuss where to place the code and the benefits of placing it in the multimedia box.

Video Transcript

Member: Morning Rick

Rick: So, refresh my memory. What’s your question?

Member: Ok, a couple things. I was looking at your video on the multimedia box and YouTube videos and so on. And I’m just wondering like, early on before I got Thesis, I was posting some youtube videos on the sidebar. And it was really slowing down things in terms of load time. So I’m not quite sure why. So one other question is, is there, you know, what are the most efficient ways of linking for YouTube videos. Because what I was doing before I’d like to add it in a way with a picture and have a button in the middle and just click the button and the video starts, you know. And that seem to slow down things the way I was doing it anyway and the time in the sidebar. So I’m just wondering if there is any, if you knew of ways that you know, would sort of “not slow things down”. And then the second thing is, you know, the pros and cons of using multimedia box for YouTube videos versus just pasting the image on the page or sidebar.

Rick: Yeah. Well the…Ok, so the best way to add, to insert a YouTube video on to your site, this has nothing to do with whether or not it’s a multimedia box or not, it’s just the method of placing it. Whether it’s just a text widgets or multi media box, which ever one of these things you use the best way to do that is to…Ok, where’s my sharing button here?

I guess I’m not going to be able to get it on the Featured video, but if we take this and use the share button select embed. And then what you want to use the iframe embed method and you want to pick the size inside of your thing. So if your sidebar is 320 pixels, then you wanted to get the size so that it will fit inside the space properly. But then use the iframe version of the code. There are other, for example you can use the old embed code instead and that’s this <object> system, but that is going to be slower and it doesn’t load in synchronizely which means that once it’s time for it’s to load everything else has to wait for it to load. Whereas the iframe vesion doesn’t work that way, iframe version can be loaded. Even if it’s not finished loading, all the rest of the page can be loading at the same time. So you want to use the iframe embed code, you want to make sure it’s the right width so that you’re not embedding too big of a video, you know, in the space. And once you’ve got those, I mean that’s really, that’s just this code right here, right?

And now the question is where do you place it? You can use that code, no with WordPress 3.3 you can place that code in the content area and the iframe won’t be stripped out. It used to be that iframe will be stripped out on the content but now they won’t. So you can use the code inside of the content area or you can place that code inside of a text widget or you can place that code inside of a multimedia box. Now the benefit of the multimedia box is that you could specify a different image for every single page, using the multi mediabox because you would you the section in the multimedia box that allows you to paste the widget, you know, in a given page.

So for example let’s just do that, I’m going to copy this one… well, actually if I’m going to do this one I will get the one I will really like. Let’s see, let’s go back to the shop number 1. Ok, this one here. Come on… Our YouTube channel needs a makeover. Ok so we don’t want to automatically start, but let’s go over and share it, we’re going to use the embed code. The width of this thing is, my sidebar, is 320 pixels, I’m going to copy that. And then come over to a page and let’s see… SBYWH.FINAL.BYOBTUTORIAL.COM.

Ok, so I can go to one of my pages and let’s see… let’s just go to the Services We Provide page. I can go to one of my pages and use that multimedia box section. And in my video embed code right there, hit update – view the page, and that video is going to show up. It’s not going to show up on any other page. It shows up here under Services We Provide, oh look at that, that’s not good though. But it doesn’t show up on any other page, only shows up under, on the page that we insert it on.

The alternative to that is to use a widget. And if you use a text widget in particular, if we take a text widget and we drag over here and we drop the video it and we hit save. This is going to show up on every page because…unless I’ve told that widget not to display on every page, it’s going to display on every page. Oh that’s right, that’s where that black is coming from, that black comes from the css of the Thesis multimedia box, that’s a thing.

So it’s on this page and it’s going to be on this page and it’s going to be on this page because it’s in a widget that only knows how to be everywhere. If that’s what you want then the text widget is the perfect thing to do. If you want to use it the same video on some pages but not others, it’s probably still easier to use a text widget and then use a plugin like Display Widgets to determine which pages it will show up on. So I have Display Widget installed here so I can say, you know, show on check, and then I can decide to show it only on My Finished Product page, my Home Remodel Design page and my Edmonds Remodel page. Now if I save that and refresh it, it shows up here because this is one of the pages I choose. But if I come over to Testimonials it doesn’t show because I didn’t choose that and it doesn’t show on Services because I didn’t choose that. But it will show on Seattle because…oh that’s not what I choose, pardon me. Ok, which one did I choose? Ok, yeah, Edmonds Remodel, so it will show up there because that’s what I show.

So that’s the benefit, the benefit of using the multimedia player has always going to be at the top and it’s going to go on the page that you place it in. The benefit of using the text widget is, it can go anywhere in the sidebar that you want it to and it will go everywhere or you can use something like Display Widget to move it to place it only on specific pages. So that is the… maybe the long answer to the question.

Member: Yep, yeah. I appreciate that.

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