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The WordPress More Tag

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A member asked me to discuss the various versions of the “more” tag in both WordPress and Thesis.   There is a WordPress default behavior and a default Thesis behavior.  Here are what we discussed in this video:

  • Adding the WordPress default more tag to posts
  • Customizing the WordPress default more tag for an individual post
  • Customizing the Thesis version of the more tag
  • Relationship between the more tag and “Featured Posts”
  • Featured Posts versus Teasers
  • Change how featured posts are displayed
  • Customizing the more tags in displaying teasers
  • Shows resources from DIY Theme  to customize the “read full article” link

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Video Transcript

I am going to address a question that Sherri has asked about the more tag and we’re just going to walk through a bunch of different options on the more tag right up until we get I think a full and complete understanding of it because there are a lot of different facets to the more tag. So this is which is an administration site that I built for the purpose of all these sort of showing different ways of dealing with categories. So, I have a whole bunch of posts here and it’ll be a perfect place for us to work on the more tag.

And so we are going to start off with the very default purpose more tag… If we go to the blog, my latest blog post is very, very long and I didn’t want people to have to scroll you know, through a very long post to get to the next post… in the middle of this post so that it could be… the post could be shortened on the page. And if you want to read the rest of the post, you just… post. And we use the more tag to shorten it…here under posts and we’ll do that in the first post which in this case is the Sweet Cherry 2. And if I want… look at the blog… let’s say it’ll show everything here. So let’s say, from this point on, I want to insert a more tag. So what we’ll do then, if we come over to that point and say right here in front of Duis and what we’ll do… I’m in the HTML view…just click this more button and that inserts this tag and WordPress understands what that tag is and will insert the more text. So if we say update to that and refresh it, you can see that there is this text: “click to continue”. Now this is default… let’s see, just a second. I’m looking at people’s notes. Okay, well some people are having difficulty with sound. I’m not sure…oh I see, okay. It’s improved so that’s good.

Anyway, so we can see what the more tag looks like then or the result of the more tag on this post and this is default WordPress behavior. One possibility is if you want to have specific stuff in here that is not… that is specific to this post, you could, in fact, come to this more tag and next to more, put in quotation marks, you can type something specific. I think I’m going to type “read more” here and update that and come back over to this and hit select. I think it’s going to say “read more”… yes, that’s right. Okay, so that is default WordPress behavior. You can customize this for every single post if you want by within quotation marks, beside the more, putting in that text. Okay, we’re going to go ahead and delete this and once we delete it, it goes back to the WordPress default which is actually not the WordPress default but is the WordPress default modified by Thesis. Because in fact, this “click to continue” comes from Thesis and you can see that on the Thesis Design Options tab. If we scroll to a post…so for Display Options and Posts, you can see right now that the text is click to continue. If you type in here… ‘click here to continue” and hit save, then come back over to the site and refresh it, you’re going to see it says “click here to continue”. Okay so that is a way to make a global change. That is, it changes for every single instance of the more tag. Now it does not however, change anything like this, like read the full article under these teasers. So all it does is it affects that one place where you put the more tag.

Okay there’s another way in which you can affect the featured post. I’m sorry, we should say that this applies to featured posts only. That is, the more tag is not going to have any effect on a teaser and Thesis divides the display of the blog page up into 2 categories. The first category is the featured post and the 2nd category is the teasers. And so we have set under Display Options post…no. No, actually, I almost think it’s… Homepage Display Options. We have… currently, features is set to display two and with 2 features displayed, everything else is going to be displayed as a teaser. I can easily select 3 here and then save. And that would be 3 posts displayed as featured posts here before it went off to teasers.

Okay so the next thing to know about posts is that you can change how the featured posts are displayed. And let’s see, is that under..yeah, it’s under this section right here, under Posts. Right now, it have it set to display full post content but we could have it set to display post excerpts. If we have it set to display post excerpts, let’s go ahead and say save. That is only going to show first 40 or 50 words. It’s the same thing that a teaser shows. So if we refresh that, it is only showing post excerpts, let’s go back to the first part first. You can see the whole more tag thing doesn’t exist at all, right? But it shows the … here but no link from the excerpt. Now, I’m not sure that… so that more tag that we physically entered doesn’t affect this at all, right? It’s overridden by what we just did before and by default, the only link to that is going to be either the title or the image. That will be the only link to the actual blog post.

So I’m going to answer everything I know first and the one thing I don’t know right at the top of my head is whether or not you can add some sort of a link here when you have the thing set to display excerpts only. Okay but we’re going back here and we’re going to set this back to display the full post again.

And now we have the question that Sherri has asked about how to make this work…how to make archives display something besides that ellipsis. And so I can look at an example of this… oops. What happened there? Something happened to mess up this but if we look at, for example, the category oranges. An archive, the category archive and this category archive you know, shows this link “read full article”. But it only shows that because that’s what I told that I wanted it to do. And so that’s the place where we have to adjust this article or this link here is in back in Design Options and back under Teaser Display Options. So if right now, we have this thing check marked, link to full article. If I uncheck this element in this Teaser Display Options and hit save and then come back over and refresh this archive page, now all we get is the parentheses with the … in it.

And so if you don’t just want the parentheses with the … in it, you have tell it under the Teaser Display Options that you want it to link it to a full article. Now once you say you want to link it to the full article then this choice comes up: link to full article. And now you can instead of say, read to full article, you could say “click here to read the full article”. This little symbol, this →, that’s the arrow that you see on that. So we could say “click here to read the full article” and if we save that, now you get… that’s showing up at the bottom of these things.

So that’s how you control these. Now, the question is, is there some way to control…you know, I think that if you want to use…if you want the featured posts to be displayed as post excerpts, then I think that what you need to do if we save that… I think what you’ll have to do is you could create a little function that puts a link to that at the end of this post. And you know, there is code for such a link at DIY Themes, I believe or it could be used in another context.

And so we go to user’s guide and then let’s see, look at the different more tag choices… create a custom read the full article text… custom that click to continue… customize the text freeze. Oh okay, here it is. And actually, this is it. So if you look at the Thesis RTFM customize the “click to continue” text, you’ve got a little function here that you can add to your custom functions php file that will insert whatever text you want there. In this case, it’s read the full article… but you could make it anything you want and then otherwise using this text would place a… I believe the place… a link at the end of this.

Now I think I’ll postponedemonstrating that to the end of the session after I know whether or not there are any other questions.

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