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Thesis 2.0 Boxes – How to Allow a Box to Have a Different Characteristics on Different Templates

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In this session we discuss why a box can’t have different characteristics on different templates and how every box created is available to all templates even if it’s not appropriate or applicable to it. We also note that anytime you make a change to a box, wherever it is that you make the change, it changes that box everywhere.

Video Transcript

Member: If you go back to your skin editor for the Barking Chihuahua…

Rick: Okay.

Member: Now, in the actual skin editor, if you were to… yeah so now if you were to go to your front page and set it up so that you were going to make a copy of that template to say page single…

Rick: You mean post single. You mean…

Member: Whichever… yeah, that’s what I mean. Okay so go to…

Rick: So we go to single, single has nothing in it so then we select the template to copy. We copy it from page. We copy that template, say okay.

Member: Okay so now if you were to go to your page post box where you named it page post box, let’s say you want to target that and make it a little bit different, I found when I edited that name, it changed it on my front page as well. It changed it on whatever I copied it from.

Rick: Yes, that’s true because you’ve created a box. If you want the box to have a different style, you need to create a new one. So…

Member: Great. I thought I could just edit that name and that would make it a new box because all I was doing was copying…

Rick: No. The thing is that every box you create is available essentially to all pages and posts and that kind of thing, even if it’s not appropriate or applicable to it. And any time you make a change, wherever it is you’ve made that change, it changes that box everywhere. So if you want a box that’s very similar but not identical then you have to create a new one and you would just do it single post box then.

Member: Yeah, see that’s where I was having the issue that I was also posting on your forum was when I was making changes, it was changing all of my stuff that I copied. And I didn’t realize that I had to go and make new boxes until later.

Rick: Okay. Well so now what you have here though is your single has a single post box and you know, you could change the class to single post box. And then you know, if you come back over to the page template you know, you’ve got page post box and over here in your list, you’ve got single post box.

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