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What are the SEO Benefits of Thesis 2.0?

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In this session we discuss the SEO benefits of Thesis 2.0 and discuss the actual SEO improvements due to the implementation of schema. By specifying a schema for the content and applying it to the post box it will create rich snippets.

Video Transcript

Steve asked whether or not there are any actual SEO improvements in Thesis 2. And the answer is yes there are, in fact. Let’s just take a look for a moment at our page and look at columns and look at the single post box.

Notice this thing here, schema. You can specify a schema for the content. And so if it’s an article or if it’s a creative work or if it’s a recipe or if it’s a review, you can create a schema and apply it to the post box. And that actually will create the rich snippets for you and all the rest of that kind of stuff. It automatically does that stuff for authors as well so you’re going to really like the way that author thing works.

There are some definite SEO improvements just because of its implementation of schema.

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