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Thesis 2 – How to Make the Titles on the Homepage and Archive Pages Linkable

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In this session we demonstrate how to make the titles on the homepage and archive pages linkable using the checkbox in settings.

Video Transcript

Member: I’ve got the blog, you know like the category page? It looks like the category page and the other on the new site except the only difference is, none of the titles of the blog post are linkable.

Rick: Okay, well that’s just a checkbox in the title though. So for example, let’s see where was I yesterday? Okay, thesis2demo.

Member: That’s just a checkbox, really how did I miss that?

Rick: Yeah, so we’re just going to go over to the editor here and then look at our homepage.

Member: Headlines in the article page, you got to be kidding me?

Rick: Yeah, that’s all it is.

Member: Wow. Okay, cool I’m just pulling up my site now and blog, jeez, oh man. Okay, cool so it all works the way it’s suppose to now.

Rick: Okay.

Member: And I’m really happy it was as simple as that.

Rick: Well, it is.

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