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Thesis as a CMS – Upcoming Tutorial Series

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A member asks about the content of the upcoming tutorial series that will be entitled something like “Use WordPress and Thesis as a Content Management System.” I discuss the general outline of new course that will be coming online this Spring. It will start out as a very basic “static” site and will develop into a membership site and community news site.

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Video Transcript

I assume that the new series that you’re starting on, which is the sort of the CMS series, might take more skills.
Well the CMS series is going to start off with a simple static appearing site so it begins with just a straight page site, no posts, no nothing. And then the next step is to add posts as blog posts and then talk about all of the categorization elements and you know, categories and tags and how to display those posts or navigate around those posts in different ways. And then the next level will be adding different post types. So you have different types of content that are created that way and displayed in different ways. So posts will be displayed in one way but custom post types will have different mechanisms in navigating and displaying them. And then it’ll just get complex from there.

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